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  1. I managed to figure it out. well actually my hosting company did. It was a permissions problem. The files and folders on the FTP had been changed to not be edited somehow. Our host looked at it and changed all the files to what they recommended. My host is hostgator so if you are with them then ask them and they should be able to fix it. Alternatively not sure if this helps but I have checked my permissions and they are as follows: Folders: rwxr-xr-x Files: rw-r--r-- Hope this helps
  2. If you go into the modules section in the back office you will find it in there. It will be under the category "Other Modules" Hope this helps.
  3. Can anyone help on why this is happening as I now cannot get any of my old customers details up which is an absolute pain. I know they are not deleted as prestashop says 23 result(s) but I just cannot see them. Any help would be much appreciated it. James P.S. This has only happened ever since I mainly entered a customers details in the back office, rather than the customer entering it themselves on the frontend.
  4. Hi Mike, Ok thanks for the heads up about v1.5 being able to do it. I have managed to figure out a work around for the time being however my problem still exists of not all my customers are being displayed in the back office? Can you please help. Thanks James
  5. One other thing to add. I have now just tried to see if I can manually add an order in the back office but cannot seem to find the section do this. Can someone please also tell me if it is possible to manually add an order in the back office. Thanks James
  6. Hi. For the first time I have manually added a customer to the back office and now all my other previous customers details are not displaying even though it says (22 results). If I use the name filter I get the customer with that name appear but I just cannot now get all the customers to appear. Also the edit/delete icons on the right hand side under "Actions" have disappeared. I've attached a screenshot to help show people what is happening. Please can someone help me fix this issue. Thanks very much. James P.S. I have tested the site on IE8, IE9, Firefox, safari and Chrome and all have the exact same issue.
  7. Hi All. I am running Prestashop version I have changed the Meta Title of the homepage through the back office via Preferences > SEO & URLs however for some reason when doing a search in Google the title doesn't always display properly. For example if I searched "MySite.com" in Google the meta title will just be the domain. Then if I do a search "My Site Name" it will display the correct Meta Title I set in the back office. I did think that this might be a browser issue however I have checked it on multiple computers and browsers and every time the same thing happens. Also I have checked with an SEO tool and it says that there is no Meta Titles for ANY page on my site. Can someone please tell me why this could be happening and what I can do to fix this. Thanks very much. Jim
  8. Surely someone must know a reason behind this and help me out. I'm desperate! PLEASE HELP!!
  9. Can someone please help me. I am launching my site this weekend and really need to get this sorted. Thanks James
  10. Hi There. I have JQuery Pisces Slider 1.0 installed on our website. However it isn't allowing me to add any more images to my slider. When I click the "Add a new item" icon. It disappears and then nothing else happens. I have done a quick video to help show what I mean. Here is the link - http://screencast.com/t/LojEmHPrphXU I did think it might be a browser issue however I have tried doing this on every browser and the same thing happens. I am running Prestashop Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Regards James
  11. Hi there. I am looking into purchasing a PrestaShop theme from template monster. However I would like the layout of it changed and I was wondering if any PrestaShop Theme designers would be able to do this for me. If you can then please reply to this post or message me and I can then send you over all the details via email? Hope this is ok. Thanks very much James
  12. Hi There, I want to have a look and play around with PrestaShops back office to get familiar with it. The demo version back office is all in French and I was wondering if someone could navigate me to where I can change this to go in English or alternatively send me a link to a demo version of the back office in English already? Hope this is possible and really appreciate your help. Regards Jim
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