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  1. Hi, I am using a .NET program with Prestasharp library for communicating with Prestashop in API mode I'm trying to create products with images but most products are without thumbnails generated by API. Thanks in advance. olekstar
  2. Hello ;-) I have a problem with my shop. I would like to have both prices (tax incl. and tax excl.) shown. Somewhere in the options I have found, that I can set either tax excluded or included. Is there any way to change this? If it is possible, than it would be nice if the tax excluded price was displayed with a bigger font. I'm using Presta Shop Unfortunately, solutions for the Presta Shop 1.3.x do not work.
  3. Hello, I need this option too. I checked the method described in this post: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/69312-solved-displaying-tax-included-and-tax-excluded-at-same-time/page__st__20 but it seems that there must be another way to solve this problem in version PrestaShop v. Thank you in advance. olekstar
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