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  1. Well... I have to manually remove everything from compile dir... and from cachefs in order to clear cache even though all caching is disabled. I do this every time I change anything on site. I wish there was a button for this.
  2. Okay so... to rephrase the question. How do I display hook content on cms pages?
  3. You should not have to modify any code for this. You should have gone to: Payment->Taxes Then: Enable tax: yes Display tax in cart: yes
  4. Hi community! So I just jumped into this prestashop project. And I'm trying find my way around the prestashop. There is one thing I can not quite figure out: why are the hooks empty on cms pages? I have a {$HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN} in header.tpl that is empty on cms page but are nomraly populated by various modules when on regular pages. The modules those are hooked on left hook do not seem to not initialize on cms pages. How do I go about making it so that the modules are initialized on cms pages?
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