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  1. I have not yet upgraded since I invested quite a lot of time in modifying some stuff in the older version. How is everybody enjoying the new release so far? Is it ripe enough to use and go through all the modification process? PayPal was a particular pain for me in 1.1 - any input there? Working? Curious.
  2. Like most things (white-hat-) SEO: If you are using it in a way that helps users and not in a way that aims to get you higher page rank, there are strong chances that Google will reward you, or at least not punish you. Anything that works in getting you good SEO but does not help your users will eventually be corrected by Google.
  3. Thanks a lot, But, I already must do post processing on the XML to do these changes: 1. Change the host name (since I am running it on local) 2. Add newline after each URL (for readability) 3. Add my own pages at the end of the sitemap So I am also string_replacing all the id_lang in the same script.
  4. There seem to be an issue with the links that the sitemap module generates Presta version 1,1 Friendly URLs enabled The generated URLs look like this: http://www.example.com/37-CategoryName&id_lang=1 When I go to this URL on my site, Presta is doing a redirect to the same page without the id_lang Google does not like it. It is not so much a problem for me, since I am doing post processing on the XML anyways, but I thought I would report.
  5. Thank you. Looks promising, lots of configuration but described nicely.
  6. Care to share the location of that hack? Is it 1.1 compatible and working smoothly? EDIT: Is that it (click)? Seems to be in Indonesian (the post)
  7. Agree. Auto generating an account could be a good solution. Someone did that but selling it and its not for PayPal. Where are all the module developers when you need one...
  8. I totally agree my friend. One thing only I wish to change, and should probably not be that difficult for someone who knows Presta better than me. All I want is to SKIP the Register / Login screen, and go directly to let the user fill in the details. On the details page he will have two small options: 1. Register 2. Login - if he registered in the past. Note that these are optional - so customers like myself, can just skip this registration, type in my details and get my product Others, who prefer having an account, so they wont have to type the information again, can also do that. At least, I think this is the first step of removing this terrible obstacle.
  9. Customization is fine and all. But I am buying quite a lot of stuff online, through respected payment services, and I am never required to register. I dont want yet another password to remember. I do not mind (as a customer) to type in my billing and shipping information every time I buy. I want my customers to feel the same - that I am only asking them for what is needed for me to fulfill their order. I mean, this is like Internet 101 - when people need to register, there is a strong change they will go someplace else. Of course, as a store owner, I would love it if people choose to register so I can communicate with them in the future, but I would much rather have their business (and payment) than have their details. Most of us (I think) are not Amazon - we are not providing a strong enough offering that users will feel the need to register - they can just buy it someplace else. To me, this problem is the number one issue at the moment and I hope there is a solution BEFORE the next big release. After all, the next release will probably force me to reinstall and reconfigure everything, so I would probably delay this for as long as I can - I just wish that someone at Presta would pick up the glove and release a modified payment procedure files.
  10. Anybody has an update on this problem? I dont understand why the Presta team have chosen to start with mandatory registration, it is a huge barrier for customers. I am most definitely losing potential customers because of this.
  11. Hello everybody, I noticed PayPal has an option to enable Auto Return to the cart, instead of having the user click a link. This can be found in the Website Payment Preferences menu on PayPal Can this feature be used with Presta? They seem to need a return URL, which I dont know what to use.
  12. Hey everybody, Not sure if this was discussed, I could not find any english post on this subject. I am using the PayPal module on PrestaShop 1.1 When users move from my site out to the paypal site, they also have a place where they can edit their shipping details. This of course is an issue, as they may fill details different than what they filled on my site. PayPal said they must have it. Fine. But, if the user changes the shipping details, the PrestaShop is not getting any notification about it. How is everybody dealing with this issue?
  13. The email system in Presta is truly a nightmare. As I posted in another thread, the HTML mails are coming with no newline, and with a very old fashioned format. So I figured, I would switch to text: These are the problems: 1. A logo is attached (as an attachment) 2. The text is poorly formatted - with spaces or tabs on the first portion (You have received a message from...) 3. The Powered by Prestashop link is coming with some weird character at the end. Normally, I would just go in and change stuff but there are hundreds of lines of code dealing with this email sending process. EDIT: The text format is something that can be fixed in the mails folder - in all the txt files. The weird character at the end is a ™ sign that is not interpreted in text emails. So, the only issue left is why the logo is attached to text emails - I wish to get rid of it.
  14. Hi everybody, The outgoing emails to the customer are going without any newline.... Anyone know how to fix this? Also - is there any way to send the order details to the customer, in a nicely formatted way (item list, shipping method etc)? I would have thought that with all the Swift email class that things like this would be trivial.... I vote to redo the email mechanism and avoid Swift - it is an overkill for the purpose of Presta.
  15. Thanks, yes thought about that. Found classes/Mail.php but it looks too complex - dont want to break anything there... Probably need to dig deeper - it uses something called Swift which I presume is some mail handler class. EDIT: This swift class is one nasty piece of code.... It seem to be several long long files, with the only purpose of sending emails..... I have a 10 line PHP code doing more or less the same.... very ugly class. Someone said object oriented is just a way to make a simple task using complicated code - this swift class seem to match this description.... I found out that I need to use some $swift->addBcc() method, and I guess I should probably use it in the Mail.php class. Anyone is familiar with this file and can recommend where to add this?
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