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  1. IeM's post in Password Validation - How is it done? was marked as the answer   
    Hi and thanks.
    It's now more involved.
    I'm happy with the min length being at least 5 as that is not the problem.
    In testing I use passwords about 16 characters long.
    The issue is that there is an error somewhere that is returning a false error saying that the password entered is too short even though it is 16 characters long.
    For testing I have just added a "return = 1" and the new customer is now accepted. See below.
    public static function isPasswd($passwd, $size = 5)
        {   return 1;
            return (Tools::strlen($passwd) >= $size && Tools::strlen($passwd) < 255);
    While this is not a solution, stops the form error message, however, the new record is not added to the database, and the shipping options do not present them selves, or of course the payment options.
    So this probably has noting to do with the isPasswd function.
    Where to go from here?
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