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  1. My Worldpay module was removed without a reason

    Great to hear, Ben, thank you for looking into this and the quick reply!
  2. My Worldpay module was removed without a reason

    Given the nature of community-oriented open-source platforms like PrestaShop's, I feel obligated as a developer AND end-user to weigh in here... First, given PrestaShop's place in the ecomm world right now and the need to grow and expand (again, as a community-oriented platform), reducing choices for end users by eliminating solutions that the community has developed is going to hurt on multiple levels. Second, the precedent set here is as alarming as the specific scenario being discussed. And that's not just because Radek was originally approved for what we're now being told was against the rules to begin with... another issue altogether, however related to this as it may be. But the big issue with this precedent is that now the entire development community can no longer be sure whether their future efforts, often done purely for the love/good of PrestaShop, will have been futile or not. In other words, in addition to the points I'm trying to make here, what's next? Will Shipping Modules not developed by PrestaShop no longer be allowed on the Add On store? What about modules for other 3rd party services that PrestaShop may get "buy out" offers from in the future? To reiterate, the long term problem is that this all goes against the open-source, community driven nature of the platform, which is a scary thought for those of us who rely on it.