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  1. I'm not saying it i am asking because if there are changes made in the db in the 2 version between my version then the old way with cloning the db and do a fresh install with the new db and the images does not work. The presta team should make a option to do it all manual because the 1 click module is the worst thing with whole prestashop and have caused me so much loss of money,time and hairs on my head.I am so sick and tired of all the problems every update brings with them.
  2. So there are no changes in the database from my version to the current version?Would be great if no db changes are made then then good old way should work.
  3. is it possible to do a manual update the old way to the latest version? The crappy 1 click upgrade module is not working,when i install the latest version it does not show up in the modules. The 1 click upgrade module should be removed and just let us do it the old way. This crappy module has had problems from the start and have never worked as it should so why use it?
  4. Hi there, I have been trying the past 2 days to upgrade my ps to 1.5 and it is a real nightmare. The one-click upgrade module is just rubbish and i have had problems with it from day 1. It is just impossible to upgrade using the one-click due to constant errors when upgrading. I have now tried everything with that module and i now give up. The last thing i tried was the old way,installing fresh 1.5 and after i change the sql database to my old one.This also failed now i can not log in to backoffice. The login window just refreshes after i have entered the information. Have changed the cookie key in the sql to the same as the one in settings. This used to work on the last versions but i just cant manage to get it working. When i used the one-click upgrade i got this error and there is no way around it. RROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_image` ADD UNIQUE KEY `idx_product_image` (`id_image` , `id_product` , `cover`): Duplicate key name 'idx_product_image'[ERROR] SQL 1091 in ALTER TABLE `ps_category_product` DROP INDEX `category_product_index`, ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id_category`, `id_product`): Can't DROP 'category_product_index'; check that column/key exists [ERROR] SQL 1091 in ALTER TABLE `ps_cms_category_lang` DROP INDEX `category_lang_index`, ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id_cms_category`, `id_lang`): Can't DROP 'category_lang_index'; check that column/key exists [ERROR] SQL 1060 in ALTER TABLE `ps_order_tax` ADD `id_order_tax` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY FIRST: Duplicate column name 'id_order_tax' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_feature_lang` ADD INDEX feature_name (`id_lang`, `name`): Duplicate key name 'feature_name' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_state` ADD INDEX statename (`name`): Duplicate key name 'statename' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_category` ADD INDEX nleftrightactive (`nleft`, `nright`, `active`): Duplicate key name 'nleftrightactive' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_category` ADD INDEX level_depth (`level_depth`): Duplicate key name 'level_depth' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_category` ADD INDEX nright (`nright`): Duplicate key name 'nright' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_category` ADD INDEX nleft (`nleft`): Duplicate key name 'nleft' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_specific_price` ADD INDEX from_quantity (`from_quantity`): Duplicate key name 'from_quantity' [ERROR] SQL 1061 in ALTER TABLE `ps_product` ADD INDEX indexed (`indexed`): Duplicate key name 'indexed' [ERROR] SQL 1062 in INSERT INTO `ps_configuration` (`name`, `value`, `date_add`, `date_upd`)(SELECT 'PS_TAX_DISPLAY_ALL', `value`, NOW(), NOW() FROM `ps_configuration` WHERE name = 'PS_TAX_DISPLAY' LIMIT 1): Duplicate entry 'PS_TAX_DISPLAY_ALL' for key 'name' Warning detected during upgrade.[code] So is there a manual working way to upgrade my shop to the 1.5 version?? Regards, b
  5. Hi All, I have been trying to place some adsense ads under my navigation bar in prestashop 1.5 theme,but without any luck. Does anyone here know how to manual place ads under the navigation bar? Here is a picture of the place i want to add adsense ads:
  6. I solved my problem with a rollback,but i still have some weird issues. My SSL gets turned off ,and this is with my old database before the update to the latest version. The strange thing is when i enable it's working just fine and if i log back in to my backoffice after a while its disabled again. Its not disable by the radio button but i get this text "Please click here to use HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL" Any idea on whats going on here?
  7. I updated from I checked the back office and the SSL keeps getting turned off,its like everything is beeing redirected to http. If i go to front office the SSL is disabled and i have to turn it on again,but its resets everytime i am in front office. The strange thing is if i disable SSL i still have the same problem
  8. Yes i did a full backup of db and site. No errors during the update. I did it the old way uploaded the new prestashop version and copyed the images,modules and settings.inc.php. Today i tried a new install with default theme but i still have the same problem. I just can't find whats causing this,i thought about SSL because both cart and login uses it. I really need to get this fixed asap im loosing a lot of orders.
  9. Thanks for the fast reply,i downloaded the files and replaced them but it is still the same.
  10. Hi All, I could use some help with my site,after a update to the latest version of prestashop the user login does not work,The shopping cart is also not working. This is on my live shop so please help me on this,my customers can not order or log in anymore. I installed the new prestashop 1.5 theme and changed it back to my old theme,but still not working. My website is www.want-shop.com
  11. Well im glad that im not the only one thinking ps 1.4 should never been released yet. To be honest i had verry little problems with 1.3.7 but after the update the bugs came flying inn. 1 week later after my update im still fixing bugs and still have a damn long way to go. And considering all the GREAT help you get in here then i should be fixing bugs the rest of the year. So my feedback about ps 1.4 stay away its not worth all the problems!!
  12. Hello, My product information is missing on the newly added products. Main language has no problems but my other 2 languages are empty. The product information gets updated to the product page,but new products block has no information. Have to view the product to get the information to show in other languages. Old products has all the information in all languages showing correct it's just the new products i added after i updated to ps 1.4 from ps 1.3.7. I think it whent wrong on the database update from 1.3.7 to 1.4,i just can't find the errors. I can not go back to my old backup database from 1.3.7 due to it's outdated now. Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Hello Im allsow having same problem,its the latest prestashop it's horrible.(Should change the name to prestabug 1.4 ) You can add pictures and products if you set your stock to increase every time you upload a picture or a new product. Hope this helps so you guys atleast can add pictures and products to your websites.
  14. Hello Think you are looking for the index.php (homepage) Should be at the place your looking.
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