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  1. Want to launch your business in China with multi million clients. Make your site a Chinese version. We provide human translation (different from google translation which is basically wrong in many ways) in both traditional and simplified version. we can translate: 1) Prestashop Shop front site 2) Product information 3) Site Terms and Conditions 4) Other File in Prestashop format, painless installation. please email [email protected] for quotation.
  2. Also, I have checked the developer's site. There is no documentation. Please help.
  3. I have bought a VIP Group module as I want to provide discount for certain group of member. But when I install, I can not issue the coupons code. It only keeps asking for registration of the module. I have written an email to ask the developer who says we do not need to register or validate the purchase and the module still works. Please let me know if any one know how to make the module works. best CYS
  4. I attached two chinese jpeg, one for simplified chinese one for traditional chinese. It is more usual way to present multi-language site in Asia.
  5. As I think the size of the language flag is too small, I would like to change it into other format such as displaying "ENG" for English. I have made a jpeg in "ENG" but the language flag is too small to make the word readable. How can I change the default size of the language flag, so it can use large image. I plan to use "20 x 30 pixel". I would like to know where is the file that control the size of the language flag. Also as a suggestion, in the future version, using language flag is not a good idea. Such as in Chinese, the Taiwan flag stands for traditional chinese may be a good choice as it may not cover Hong Kong which also uses traditional chinese. Also in simplified chinese, using PRC flag is also problematic as Singapore is using simplified chinese as well. Just a comment. Any comments, thank in advance
  6. If you choose location as US, it works also. I think the problem is related to the translation file not available for other locations. cheers
  7. I have finally passed through this step. What you need to do is to set the location as "France" and the installation complete... cheers
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