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  1. I have the exact same problem. customer cannot create an account: Prestashop Version > Website www.meccabooks.com TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror
  2. I am having a serious issue, I have tried what ever I could think of and I am unable to resolve it. I am using a third party software to manage my inventory, that software connects to Prestashop via API and updated my inventory, as I sell between other channels as well. Everything works great, until my product goes out of stock, once my product goes out of stock "Add to Cart" button disappears, however when the software updates the qty's to above Zero, even though "Notify Me when available" disappears, which shows that it is recognizing that the item is in stock, but "Buy Now" button does not show. I initially thought it was caching issue, and I tried everything but nothing works. Does any one else has similar issues? or seen anything like this?
  3. Is it enough to just use this cache module, or should I use service like Cloudflare "Business" instead, or should I use both together.
  4. I am looking for a module which will allows me to use subscription service just like Netflix. However in this case it will be Books instead. I would like to offer different subscription levels, and customers will be able to get books shipped to them or rent them on ebook reader. Any ideas guys?
  5. AfterShip is great, not only it provide customized way for customers to track the packages, I can set triggers so I get emails if something is wrong with the shipment so I can act before shipment is returned to me.
  6. I am sure many of the Prestashop users have noticed the slow speed on of the website, I am trying to get unbiased user reviews, and see which one are the best modules / services out there? As some of these modules are expensive, and it is hard for people to invest those amounts and find out later that it was not worth it. Below is lists, that I have compiled, you are more than welcome provide anything that I missed. Page Cache Module Site Cache for Prestashop Express Cache Cache Manager Also, any specific service or settings that might help such as Cloudflare etc.
  7. Thanks for the great module, this elimates the need of me going everyweek and checking delivery status of all the shipments and mark them delivered. Now I can just view at one glance and look / filter the orders by delivery status. If the notification works well, best benefit of that is the customer will know where the package is without tracking it all the time, and that will help with return shipments, as some times customer doesn't know that the carrier attempted delivery, and by the time they find out the package has been returned, costing us in extra shipping cost. Thanks, Mecca Books www.meccabooks.com
  8. Yes, they are both in the modules folder, however for some reason they are not showing up in the admin section.
  9. I never recieved any feedback, however I was only using MAXCDN until now. I am interested one more time to use Cloudflare with MAXCDN, I know I had ssl issues before. but willing to give it a shot. However need help from someone on this forum who have done it before, and what will be there suggestions.
  10. I am unable to see the Loyalty and Wishlist module in the adminpanel, when I download it and install it it says Module Successfully installed, but module still doesnot show up in the modules sections. I am using PS
  11. if this helps... SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE c.`name`, cl.`id_lang`, IF(cl.`id_lang` IS NULL, c.`value`, cl.`value`) AS value, c.id_shop_group, c.id_shop FROM `ps_configuration` c LEFT JOIN `ps_configuration_lang` cl ON (c.`id_configuration` = cl.`id_configuration`) 6.518 1593 in /public_html/classes/Configuration.php:134 from /config/config.inc.php:116 from /index.php:27 SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE h.`name` as hook, m.`id_module`, h.`id_hook`, m.`name` as module, h.`live_edit` FROM `ps_module` m INNER JOIN ps_module_shop module_shop ON (module_shop.id_module = m.id_module AND module_shop.id_shop = 1 AND module_shop.enable_device & 1) INNER JOIN `ps_module_shop` ms ON ms.`id_module` = m.`id_module` INNER JOIN `ps_hook_module` hm ON hm.`id_module` = m.`id_module` INNER JOIN `ps_hook` h ON hm.`id_hook` = h.`id_hook` LEFT JOIN `ps_module_group` `mg` ON mg.`id_module` = m.`id_module` WHERE (h.name != "displayPayment") AND (hm.id_shop = 1) AND (mg.id_shop = 1 AND mg.`id_group` IN (1)) GROUP BY hm.id_hook, hm.id_module ORDER BY hm.`position` 4.696 517 Yes Yes in /public_html/classes/Hook.php:346 from /tools/profiling/Hook.php:50 from /classes/Dispatcher.php:413 from /classes/Dispatcher.php:230 from /classes/Dispatcher.php:193 from /index.php:28
  12. I have below modules in Display Top Quick Search Block User Info Block Cart block Pages not found
  13. I just uploaded to 1.6 from 1.5, I did a clean install of 1.6 and transferred the database over to new server. currently just testing the website, however it is pretty slow. I see there are few main bottle necks. Please review and let me know the best solutions, separated out below. Load time: 3446 ms You'd better run your shop on a toaster Execution Load time (ms) config 288 constructor 0 init 107 checkAccess 0 setMedia 8 postProcess 0 initHeader 0 initContent 2682 initFooter 17 display 345 Hook processing: 2699 ms / 82.33 Mb 156 methods called in 52 modules Hook Processing displayTop 58.41 Mb in 2278 ms displayHeader 15.92 Mb in 244 ms displayFooterTop 2.20 Mb in 34 ms moduleRoutes 2.96 Mb in 30 ms displayProductTabContent 0.29 Mb in 25 ms displayFooterProduct 0.21 Mb in 16 ms displayFooter 0.58 Mb in 16 ms displayProductSecondaryColumn 0.56 Mb in 12 ms displayProductTab 0.16 Mb in 12 ms displayTopLeft 0.64 Mb in 8 ms displayTopSecondary 0.18 Mb in 6 ms displayFooterSecondary 0.06 Mb in 4 ms displayNav 0.06 Mb in 3 ms displayRightColumnProduct 0.03 Mb in 3 ms displayAnywhere 0.03 Mb in 2 ms displayLeftColumnProduct 0.02 Mb in 2 ms displayProductButtons 0.02 Mb in 2 ms actionProductOutOfStock 0.00 Mb in 0 ms actionFrontControllerSetMedia 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayProductPriceBlock 0.00 Mb in 0 ms actionDispatcher 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayProductContent 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayBanner 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayTopColumn 0.00 Mb in 0 ms displayProductDeliveryTime 0.00 Mb in 0 ms DisplayOverrideTemplate 0.00 Mb in 0 ms Memory peak usage: 111.7 Mb Execution Memory (Mb) Total (Mb) config 19.45 19.5 constructor 0.00 19.5 init 8.43 28.1 checkAccess 0.00 28.1 setMedia 0.34 28.4 postProcess 0.00 28.4 initHeader 0.01 28.4 initContent 79.55 107.9 initFooter 0.61 108.6 display 2.71 111.7 Total cache size (in Cache class): 0.00 Mb DB type: DbPDO SQL Queries: 3577 queries Time spent querying: 738 ms Included files: 218 Size of included files: 5.06 Mb Globals (> 1 Ko only): 227 Ko_LANG ≈ 98.4 Ko _MODULES ≈ 95.9 Ko HTTP_SERVER_VARS ≈ 8.3 Ko _SERVER ≈ 8.3 Ko _MODULE ≈ 3.7 Ko _ENV ≈ 1.7 Ko HTTP_ENV_VARS ≈ 1.7 Ko _REQUEST ≈ 1.4 Ko HTTP_COOKIE_VARS ≈ 1.4 Ko _COOKIE ≈ 1.4 Ko
  14. @swcoins thanks for your response, however if you could be more specific in what will be your features of the app, you said iOS version is almost complete. Can you share some screen shots and designs? How will the backend work? will it be completely separate admin from Prestashop? When you go to Shopgate website you will see they have Product Highlights, Product Features, Marketing Tools, Payment Method etc. Where they talk about very specific things are available in the app. Can you also provide specific details like that? To be very honest I am already sold on your general Idea, it is amazing. Maybe I like it more than other people because I have been searching for this for past few months. But if you can be more specific, it is going to help. I think it is also good for you to use this thread as feedback and ask people what they would like in the app, and use that feedback in the app so you get a best product.
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