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  1. I decided against using magento in any of my projects due to its slowness -- likely due to being unoptimized. I wonder how many others have?
  2. My primary point is that unused code/files should be removed for both development efficiency as well as security (every unnecessary php file has the potential to introduce unintended security flaws). Here are some reasons why unused code should be removed-: For anyone new working on a project, they not only have to understand the working code, they have to understand unused material also. This is wasted time and creates confusion. There is a danger that at sometime someone will make a change which inadvertently involve the 'dormant' code and can introduce bugs. I know it's happened on projects I've worked on. The maintenance of any code is an administrative burden. By preserving old redundant code that burden is increased. For example, merging changes in the main branch becomes harder because there is more code to work through and more possibility to make a mistake. What happens over time is that more and more old unused code is added to the codebase. This increases the confusion, potential misunderstanding and administrative overhead. The chances that the unused code will ever be used again is very unlikely. With time that possibility of re-use diminishes. If code to be removed and is considered important enough then the code can be branched off and documented. Any personal feelings that a coder may have about code they may have worked hard on are understandable. But part of being professional requires that those thoughts have to put to one side for the better good. Time stands for no-one and there is no place for preserving historical code in a working codebase. [source http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15699995/why-unused-code-should-be-deleted]
  3. Hi all, sorry if this has already been brought up, I tried searching and I was surprised to find there have not been any topics on this. A wordpress + woocommerce install comes out at 28.8MB while prestashop is coming in at a whopping 128MB. Since we're already in release candidates stage I would think more optimizations should be in place before release... I would imagine it is a security risk waiting to happen with all that extra code floating around. I'm just going to list the portions that are >1MB with >3MB in bold. vendor (69.5MB)tecnickcom (28.8MB) symphony (21.9MB) phpoffice (7.1MB) doctrine (4.3MB) composer (1.7MB) prestashop (1.0MB) admin (12.5MB)themesdefaultcss (5.5MB) template (1.4MB) new-themepublic (1.8MB) filemanager (1.6MB) translations (11.5MB) install (8.3MB) themes (6.7MB) js (3.8MB) classes (3.7MB) controllers (2.8MB) modules (2.3MB) app (2.2MB) tools (1.5MB) src (1.4MB)
  4. Hi all! Here's my setup and my issue: Setup: Prestashop version: Relevant modules enabled: authorize.net AIM, ganalytics Theme: Prestashop 1.5 theme for 1.4 prestashop_new as downloaded from here. Page for theme states that it is compatible with prestashop Issue: Google analytics goal conversion tracking goal funnel is: /order/step0.html /authentication /order/step1.html /order/step2.html /order/step3.html /order/step0.html Goal funnel should be: /order/step0.html /authentication /order/step1.html /order/step2.html /order/step3.html order-confirmation.php
  5. I am using prestashop If in modules/ganalytics/header.tpl you change {if isset($pageTrack)}_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '{$pageTrack}']); to {if isset($pageTrack)}_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '{$meta_title}']); Google Analytics goals will no longer function properly. I have come up with this solution instead: in /modules/ganalytics/ganalytics.php add the following underneath $file = str_replace(array('.php', '-'), '', basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])); add this: if($file == "category" || $file == "product" || $file == "search" || $file == "cms" || $file == "index") { $file = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]; }
  6. Using Prestashop v1.4.3 We have disabled taxes in prestashop, then enabled taxes in google checkout with the following settings: You will specify sales tax by state: California, US 7.25% After enabling taxes in google checkout, prestashop returns with an email with "Payment Error" in the subject line/contents. To test, I disabled taxes in Google checkout and ran another order through. This order went through successfully. Back-end Tools/Log shows up empty. The modules/gcheckout/googleerror.log is also empty. Tools/Configuration Information states the following: Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: Please consult the following error(s) Enable fopen on your server Set PHP register global option to off It seems to me that the built in Google Checkout module has an issue receiving tax information from Google Checkout. I have searched the forum for "google checkout taxes" and the search came up with nothing similar.
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