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  1. Hope someone can help. I'm suddenly experiencing a http 500 server error when trying to access the login page for my admin section. No changes were made to the script since installation... Server error The website encountered an error while retrieving http://www.addictaball.co.za/office/login.php. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. Here are some suggestions: Reload this web page later. HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfil the request.
  2. I hope someone can help with this... I have a new issue on my site when trying to create a new customer account. When you click : "Create your account" after entering an email address, it redirects to authentication.php but the page does not load. When you click anywhere on the screen an error message is displayed: "addictaball.co.za is not responding due to a long running script" with an option to stop the script... Opting to stop the script sends you back to the previous screen... It loads eventually, but it takes quite some time. Any ideas on how I can fix the problem? Thank you!
  3. Thanx Dave!!!! I'll get started on this and let you know how it goes!!! Bezzit
  4. Hi Dave, Thank you soooooooooo much for getting back to me!!!! Does Fastaway not deliver to 'all' towns in the 3 states, only some of them? No, Fastway only delivers to some towns in the 3 states. Fedex delivers in those same 3 states to the towns that Fastaway doesn't deliver to? That's right! Fedex delivers to all the towns in the remaining states? Right again! Fedex has one price for all states, including the 3 states that Fastaway delivers to? Right again! All products fall within the 0-15kg weight range? Yes, there are only two products and both actually weigh under 1kg. Multiple product are unlikely to be greater than 15kg ? Yes, most of the visitors to the site will be private persons and the chance of them ordering a ton of the same toy is slim... There are a total 4 different shipping fees? Right again! How many towns does Fastaway deliver to? They deliver to 52 towns. I really don't mind the questions!!!! i'd greatly appreciate any help you can offer. Lorraine
  5. @Dave: Since you seem to know all about this, maybe you could help me! I've set up PS for a client. The country is South Africa. There are 9 States (Provinces). The thing is that we have 2 carriers, that need to deliver to about 1500 towns. Fastway, delivers to certain towns in 3 States, weight range 0-15kg, with a different price for each state. Fedex delivers to the rest of the towns, also in different states, weight range 0-15kg, with one price for all states. At this point, I'm not sure how PS uses information in States and Counties when entering the address. Could you give me any help in setting up the config for this? I've tried setting up each town as a zone, but then I get only the default carrier - PS does not select the carrier that actually delivers to the zone checked. At the moment, I have one town set up as a zone, with one carrier, but then i get the "There are no carriers..." error. Please help!!!
  6. Thank you for the reply!!!! All the carriers have the same weight range: 0-15kg I have only one active carrier at the moment - still no luck!!!
  7. I'd be grateful for any help in this regard!!!! i have a client who wants to add different shipping rates to different towns within a country. I first setup 4 carriers and over 1500 zones! (Defined each town as a zone) The problem then was that only the default carrier showed, even it was not assigned to the zone in the address... I then cut it down to one carrier with one zone and one address... I now have the following error message: "There are no carriers available that deliver to this address" I don't understand this!!!! Please help!!!!
  8. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help me reslove the issue on how to connect to a MySQL database on a windows server... I've tried all the connection settings as provided by my Helm host, but no luck. I'm trying to install this for a client, so it's rather urgent, PLEASE!!!
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