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  1. Hello, In the last week I am trying to run a webservice through php. I tried everything changed apache configuration still nothing.. In the error log of apache I am receiving this: File does not exist: /var/www/api/customers&ws_key='keystring' which is apparently wrong since my files are stored in /var/www/vhosts/example.com/httpdocs/. I am using linux ubuntu server 14.04, run php as apache module (it didnt work with cgi mode either). Also it didnt work friendly url enabled or disabled, Important: I transfer the eshop at is in a subdomain (e.g. test.example.com) and it works! I dont know what else to do!
  2. Hello! I am using the One page checkout module in conjuction with attribute wizzard pro. However when I go to cart and address page I receive a alert showing "unable to save address". In console log I get a 500 error of http://example.com/index.php?controller=address&back=order-opc.php. How can I solve this? Does it have to do with order-opc.js in module folder? Prestashop is 1.6.1 Thanks
  3. Hello, recently I created a module for my personal needs. I have an issue with the pagination. I adapted my module to this guide http://nemops.com/creating-new-pages-in-prestashop/ and insted of GetProducts() function I created mine with a custom sql query which is based on data from the search form. Despite I make the initial 20 products to appear on the page when I press the second page of pagination the same products appear (if I store somewhere the query) or none appear (if I dont store the query). How can I fix this? Is is possible the pagination to keep the first 20 products so in the second page only the 21st product and after to appear?
  4. Hello, I am developing a credit card module payment for prestashop 1.5 (Actually I try to migrate it from 1.4 to 1.5). How can I make it to send email with the invoice to the customer on the completion of the order? Also how can I make the order to appear to the back-end? I suppose there is some difference between the two versions of prestashop.. Thanks a lot,
  5. Hello, When I try to select a different attribute than the default one from the select box in the product page it doesnt let me do that.Instead it is returning to the original value and therefore the added product in the cart has the default combination... any help would be valuable... thanks
  6. Hello, I am having the following issue: Despite I can see the translation flag in cms features etc, i cant see the flag in categories and in description...any help it would be great, thank you
  7. Hello, in cms page i receive the following error and the text is not appearing (Version Warning: htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in C:\WEBSITES\LIVE-FARM3\PESTA_sites\thmmodels\tools\smarty\plugins\modifier.escape.php on line 30 Any help would be highly appreciated thank you,
  8. Can I ask you where exactly did u put the reference in php file? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello and sorry for the incovenience but still we cant see the added code...
  10. How can I add image links which opens in thickbox in cms pages in prestashop 1.4? Any help would be appreciated...
  11. Hello to everybody I would like to add the downloadable attachements to product list as well as all the photos of a product.(not only the first one). I would be really grateful if someone could give me an idea on how to do this. I cant see that at least for attachements an array is called in product list but i dont know how to access it.. Thank you
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