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  1. Hallo, die DATEV-Schnittstelle ist veröffentlicht und ist auf addons erhältlich: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/buchhaltung-rechnung/27353-datev-export.html
  2. Hallo, auch für diesen Thread. Hier werdet ihr fündig: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/buchhaltung-rechnung/27353-datev-export.html
  3. Datev Export

    Hallo, ja, seit Kurzem auf Addons: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/buchhaltung-rechnung/27353-datev-export.html
  4. NEW FEATURE: UPDATE OPTION since the latest upgrade the module also can handle a kind of re-bying and a support option. It is similar to the ZEN option on the addons. you can activate the update option on your digital products. further, when a max download limit, or the expiration date is reached, the customer receives an email with a voucher and a link to rebyu the product with this voucher to get a new upgrade period. you can define the voucher value in % in the Upgrade Options settings. and set upa cron to check all expiration dates let's say once a day. I hope this feature brings a lot for your download customers and encourages them to re-byu and renew their downloads. have fun! and here a changelog for all the latest versions: ### 1.4.0 (01.08.2017) * added the possibility to re-purchase the file at a discount (automatic generation of the coupon in case you can not download the file) * update translations * added new translations mails (br language) * minor bugs fixes ### 1.3.3 (26.04.2017) * added column "ID" in product * minor bugs fixes (jQuery, redirect after authorization) ### 1.3.2 (23.01.2017) * bugs fixes ### 1.3.1 (16.01.2017) * added the feature to upload files from FTP * added the feature to update file on URL or FTP ### 1.3.0 (06.12.2016) * adapted for Prestashop version 1.7 ### 1.2.8 (04.10.2016) * added settings "Send notices to customers about the added files" ### 1.2.7 (27.09.2016) * minor bug fixes (redirect on login page & fix for refunded/returned product) ### 1.2.6 (17.08.2016) * check email templates before sending mail * change design in download page * added confirm before deleting files * fix js (for many files)
  5. UPS Shippng Worldwide

    this seems really to work woldwide! we already have this module working with the API in following countries (only from which we know) France Italy Gemany Spain Honkong US United Kingdom Martinique Poland Switzerland Sweden so don't hesitate to use it in your country, it really works!
  6. Hallo, derzeit ist das Modul in der Version 3.0.5. Und bei Addons im Angebot -10%! https://addons.prestashop.com/de/versanddienstleister/20569-dhl-geschaftskundenportal-connector.html ================================================= Hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung der letzten Features ================================================= # DHL Business Portal 3.0.5 ## Changelog #### 3.0.5 (05.06.2017): * fix problem with shipment details #### 3.0.4 (18.05.2017): * local wsdl files * fix problem with getMajorApiVersion method #### 3.0.3 (04.05.2017): * fix return #### 3.0.2 (01.04.2017): * added Google Api key option in settings * fix tcpdf including for pdf merging for ps 1.7.x #### 3.0.1 (23.03.2017): * fixed error "object has no 'streetName' property" for Packstation and postfiliale address for api 2.1 #### 3.0.0 (02.01.2017): * added shipment date * supporting DHL API version 2.1 and various additional options for shipment * supporting Prestashop version 1.7.x.x * generating label with return label for DHL API 2.1 * generating export document for DHL API 2.1 #### 2.0.9 (16.12.2016): * fix PDF merging. #### 2.0.8 (10.11.2016): * added convertion rate of shop weigth unit in kg. For example if shop weight unit is gramm, then rate is 0,001 . #### 2.0.7 (04.08.2016): * force fill receiver communication phone with communication mobile if communication phone is empty #### 2.0.6 (20.07.2016): * fix escaping characters in url #### 2.0.5 (02.06.2016): * added button for fixing uprade(if necessary) on Configure page of module #### 2.0.4 (30.05.2016): * added default age for age checking on Configure page of module
  7. because we only submit customers values, no static content. but you you can do it, of course
  8. UPS Shippng Worldwide

    yes, it even works with 1.5, but not yet properly tested
  9. we developed a UPS labeling module with a worldwide API connected: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/594978-ups-shippng-worldwide/
  10. why not using this one? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/594978-ups-shippng-worldwide/
  11. UPS Worldwide Connector for Prestashop Now you can handle Worldwide shipping by UPS in one single Module out of the Prestashop Back Office Features unlimited number of shipping and return labels per order Automatic calculation of shipping weight (manual change possible at any time) Support of oversized and COD option Import and mailing the tracking code. MultiStore capability (for each store different data and different senders can be stored) All UPS services and all package type are supported Prestashop Availability: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.1 | Current Version:1.0.6 (10.05.2017) New Features: added 'default description of goods' option added 'delivery confirmation' option for shipment added 'Description of goods' option added NegotiatedRatesIndicator added 'default service' option added 'default package' option added 'default receiver phone number' option added 'shipper currency', 'unit of dimensions measurement', 'unit of weight measurement' options added state and province code in address Buy the module silbersaiten store | Prestashop Addons
  12. yes, I have. It may occur if you don't have any language tempaltes. It means email templates defined for your language. You can have a look into modules/formmaker/mails and look up for your ISO code. feel free to write to support@silbersaiten.de and share your BO so our develoeprs can have a further look and check if there are some incompatibilies with other modules, or something
  13. hello kikesoy, thanks for your request. if your drag'n drop doesn't work, it is probably a conflict with another javascript in your installation somewhere. you can try another browser, but I doubt it will help. in any case, please login as a modul's buyer and contact us on the addons (or where you bought it): http://addons.prestashop.com/en/contact-forms-surveys/19724-form-maker-contact-forms-and-product-forms.html and click on contact us on the right. there you can leave your credentials so we can take a look and debug your installation. and in general, for support please contact the support at support@silbersaiten.de or using the addons site it helps us better tracking all requests. thanks.
  14. Hallo, auf der SHipcloud seite steht: DHL als nicht ;( UPS Österreich geht aber (bald) mit unserem UPS Modul http://addons.prestashop.com/de/24233-ups-service-connector.html frange Sie bei uns unter support@silbersaiten.de nach