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  1. A very weird problem occured. I am using the above mentioned solution (post #7). When I add two products in the cart - 1 product with extra shipping and 1 product without extra shipping - the extra shipping is only calculated correctly if the second product was added in the shop BEFORE the product with extra shipping. Any product added in the shop AFTER the product with extra charge removes the extra charge from the cart. Any ideas what could be causing this? It is so weird. Example: shipping is 5 USD, extra shipping set individually in BO for a specific product is 1 USD Cart 1: Product A (with extra shipping) Product B (product without extra shipping, added in the shop BEFORE product A) Shipping TOTAL: 6 USD (extra shipping is applied) Cart 2: Product A (with extra shipping) Product B (product without extra shipping, added in the shop AFTER product A) Shipping TOTAL: 5 USD (the total is wrong, it should be 6 USD = extra shipping is not applied)
  2. This worked for me: controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php and comment out the following code as shown: /* @Mail::Send( (int)$order->id_lang, 'credit_slip', Mail::l('New credit slip regarding your order', $order->id_lang), $params, $customer->email, $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname, null, null, null, null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, true, (int)$order->id_shop ); */ I am using Prestashop
  3. To kadapawn: Have you solved the problem? If not, check your general free shipping rules in your shop. In my case, if I add any number of products with extra shipping in the cart, free shipping won't appear until the limit for free shipping is reached. However, I found another problem. The solution from my post #5 only applies on the quantities of the same product. If another product with extra shippping is added in the cart, extra shipping is multiplied. Example: Cart 1: Product A (with extra shipping) - Qty 2: extra shipping is charged only once Cart 2: Product A (with extra shipping) - Qty 2 - extra shipping is charged once Product B (with extra shipping) - Qty 1 - extra shipping is charged again, so twice in total What I needed was to charge my customers only one additional shipping fee per cart, doesn't matter how many products with extra shipping are added. This is the code I used (classes - Cart.php): foreach ($products as $product) if (!$product['is_virtual'] && $shipping_cost > 0) $shipping_cost += $product['additional_shipping_cost']; and just removed: foreach ($products as $product) Now, only 1 extra shipping is charged per cart. Hope this helps someone else as well. Good luck with your shops. ;-)
  4. Check these two topics: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/202426-additional-shipping-cost-overides-free-shipping/ https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/289646-shipping-issue/
  5. Hi varen, sorry for not replying, never noticed your post. I purchased One Page Checkout PS from http://www.presteamshop.com/ . I had to edit it to suit my needs, but now it's working fine. Never had any problems with PayPal or credit card payments. There were some bugs as well, I contacted the developers and they helped. Maybe try and contact the developers of your module, they should help if it's a paid module. I am still using an older version of Prestashop (, maybe the latest one has a better 1-step checkout. What PS version are you using? Good luck and let me know.
  6. Thank you, tuk66. When I replace {$order->current_state} with {OrderStatus::getOrderStates($id_lang)}, PDF won't load at all. I guess I am doing something wrong.
  7. Hi taydox, thank you very much for your reply. As said in previous posts, {$order->current_state} only displays the ID number of the status, not the name, e.g. instead of "Order canceled", you get "7".
  8. Hi everyone, is there maybe a way to add the current order status? {$order->current_state} only displays id number of the current state (e.g. 7), but not the name (e.g. Order canceled). Thank you very much for any help with this.
  9. Hi Greu, have you solved the problem? I am working on this as well, but can't find the right source. Thank you.
  10. Dobrý den. Pokud jde o moje řešení, dělala jsem pouze fakturu, protože dobropis ani dodací list nepoužívám. Doporučuji vyzkoušet u sebe na PS a případně pak dát ostatním uživatelům vědět, jak to dopadlo. Díky a ať se daří.
  11. Thank you all for a great help!! Post #13 works perfectly for me. Plus I added a piece of code that disables my two products from the whole cart discount (gift vouchers). This is my code: foreach ($package_products as $product) // if($product['on_sale']) if (Product::isDiscounted((int)$product['id_product'])) $order_total -= $use_tax ? $product['total_wt'] : $product['total']; foreach ($package_products as $product) if ($product['id_product'] == 45 || $product['id_product'] == 46) $order_total -= $use_tax ? $product['total_wt'] : $product['total'];
  12. Hi ukbaz, could you possibly post your javascript solution? Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone. I would also like to force currency based on country selected in the cart. E.g. default currency is CZK and default country is Czech Republic. If a German customer selects Germany in the address in the cart, I want the currency to switch automatically to EUR. I'm using One Page Checkout module. Would you guys have any solution to this for Thank you very much. EDIT: I would like the whole shop to switch automatically.
  14. If there are too many products in the shop, it would be a long process to change the weights individually for each product. I found out there is a hard-coding solution to disable additional shipping per product to be added multiple times. Example on situation now in default: special product shipping is set to 2 dollars, customer buys one special product = shipping is 2 dollars, customer buys 2 special products = shipping is 4 dollars etc. In classes/Cart.php there is the following code: // Additional Shipping Cost per product foreach ($products as $product) if (!$product['is_virtual']) $shipping_cost += $product['additional_shipping_cost'] * $product['cart_quantity']; If you remove the following: * $product['cart_quantity'] the situation using the same example as above will be: customer buys 1 special product = shipping will be 2 dollars, customer buys 2 special products = shipping will still be 2 dollars instead of 4. Hope this helps someone. Let me know. PS: I'm using Prestashop EDIT: Also check my other post on this topic: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/202426-additional-shipping-cost-overides-free-shipping/?p=2360035
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