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  1. I've been looking at the CSS and found the bits it relates to by the look of it: #cart_block #cart_block_shipping_cost, #cart_block #cart_block_total { But I've tried adding various things in, such as width, margin etc but nothing has changed. I'm not great with coding, so not sure if I'm missing something?
  2. Thanks for this, I made the change and this has now worked. It no longer shows "Free shipping". The alignment is still out though for the total and shipping? Does anyone know why this is?
  3. Hi there, I just upgraded my shop from 1.4.9 to 1.5.0 and have noticed that on the cart block it says "Free Shipping" where it used to say £0.00. My products have a shipping cost once you check out (one shipping cost no matter what you buy). Once you add a product in, it changes it to the correct shipping cost. Anyone know how to turn this off so it says £0.00 again like it used to on 1.4.9? Also, I have noticed that the "Shipping" and "Total" lines are misaligned with the actual values. So when you add a product in, the shipping line says a value and then below where it says Total, there's no value (so basically the naming of the titles are down 1 line so they don't match up). Please see the attachment for what I mean. Thanks, Chris
  4. Thanks for the reply tomerg3. I can understand that some may need them in. Maybe address is one thing, but I don't think phone number should be mandatory. I'm guessing these fields have to stay as they are then? Thanks,
  5. Hi there! I have just installed the version 1.4.4 and the store will be people buying downloaded items. I have just enabled the guest checkout and instant checkout, however I would like to edit the fields that it asks you to populate, such as the phone number, company and address etc(as these won't be used and people are reluctant to give these out). Is there a way to disable these fields? Thanks, Chris
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