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  1. I have product with many diffrents atriibutes comibations and I want to set stock level for each combination. That wouldn't be a problem, because it is quite easy to set quantity manually for each combination in the 'Combinations' tab, but it is very slow. For example, if I have 30 products and each one of them has 200 combinations then I have total number of combinations equal to 6000. For each combination I have to ~ Find it on the page. For each product page opened in browser is veeeery long. I have to scroll down and find right combination which can be difficult at times. ~ Click in chosen combination, go back at the top of the page, set quantity and save changes. ~ Wait for refresh. ~ Go for another combination or product Assuming that searching for 1 combination is about 5 seconds (there is a lot of combinations of one product), refreshing 'Combinations' tab is about 5 seconds, changing product is about 8 seconds then we have... 6000 * (5 + 5) + 30 * 8 = 60000 + 240 = 60240 seconds which is 1004 minutes or nearly 17 hours of constatn, non-stop concentration! Imagine, what happens if I make some error... So, I have a question. Does anybody know about some module or modifiaction which will allow to speed up the whole process?
  2. I couldn't find any module to search products by their attributes so I've made my own. I am not advanced programmer and I don't know PrestaShop framework so I created it in very imperfect way but it works great for me. Please, download attached ZIP file, unpack it and look at the uncompressed files. If you use unmodified PrestaShop v1.1 then you can simply overwrite appropriate files (and remember to make backup). If you use modified Presta then unfortunately you have to copy and paste specific parts of the code from my module (these are single blocks of code, so this shouldn't be much problem). Additionaly, you have to remove word "UNION" from blacklist in /classes/Db.php. MySQL doesn't support INTERSECT operation so I had to do intersection using union and subquery. This may be unsafe, but I don't know other way to do that. :-( Please, check my module and improve the code if you can. :-)blocksearchbyattribute120_package.zip
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