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  1. [[sOLVED]] Thanks for the help, have solved the problem myself finally by editing the neccessary code in product.tpl and product-list.tpl in the theme directory I created.
  2. Does anyone have anything to add to this? I still feel lost ): Thanks...
  3. No, currently I JUST have the price without ANYTHING after it (i.e. '€350'). But I want: '€350 TTC'. So I don't think it's a translation problem but something else, but thanks for your advice anyway (:
  4. Hi, thanks, but that's not really what I'm looking for - the translation for 'inc.VAT' is already there and correct, but it just doesn't appear in the shop next to the prices of each product. For example for each product at the moment I've just got a price like €250.89 rather than what I want which is €250.89 TTC
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this is a repost; I did look around the forum for my problem but didn't find a clear solution. I want to add 'TTC' after the prices of my products (the French version of 'inc. VAT'). Can't find an obvious option to enable this in the back office. Looked at product.tpl but I'm new to Smarty and haven't really spent any time with PHP so it's a bit unfamiliar. Could anyone shed any light on the situation? Thanks in advance.
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