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  1. Log into your PrestaShop admin panel. Navigate to Preferences -> SEO and URLs. Set Friendly URL option to No and click Save button: Enable Friendly URL back and save the changes. .htaccess should be successfully regenerated in your store.
  2. I had the same problem !!! I was trying to install in Greek language. I changed 3 older versions, and spend at least 4 hours until found your post!! Thank you !!!!!
  3. i just renamed the "shipwire" module to "shipwire---" Solved !!!!!
  4. If you use Chrome try to make changes with other browser. I had another problem and i found the solution here
  5. SOLVED !!! The problem was this: When i bought the theme had to put a licence code somewhere in a specified module. I put the licence number and it is ok now
  6. Hi all. Suddenly my website admin panel goes extremely slow. When i'm trying to go B.O. even the login page comes after 120 or 160 sec. When i login in admin panel it goes veeeery slow and i have to wait 1 or 2 minutes to go to products of anywhere else. I have 2 similar websites at the same server same version etc The problem is only at one of them. I copied the admin folder from one to the other, I disabled all unnecessary modules but nothing happened. At this time i have copy the website to another domain name and trying to find out what happened. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you
  7. Hi I just installed on a cpecific cms page which is this : http://www.homes2rentgreece.com/content/16-decor-and-design but it places the pictures one under the other. i changed the cms.tpl I replaced the slidereverywhere.js as you mentioned on another post (because i also use jquery 1.11) - nothing changed. When i press F12 on my page show an erron tells that: 723 Uncaught TypeError: $slider.seSlider is not a function I use the prestashop and a custom theme Can you please help? Thank you
  8. i need to edit the "association" check boxes and the "show price" check box If this included in the free script or has to pay and how much? Thank you again
  10. Τωρα ειδα την ερωτηση σου. Ισως απαντω λιγο αργα αλλα.... Εβγαλες ακρη? Δεν εχω χρησιμοποιησει το xml τους αλλα πιστευω οτι αν τους παρεις τηλεφωνο θα σε βοηθησουν.
  11. In PS i put the script (1.09) in admin folder. when i log in i receive the followin message: Warning: mysqli_connect() [function.mysqli-connect]: (HY000/2005): Unknown MySQL server host 'db39.grserver.gr:3306' (1) in/var/www/vhosts/mydomain.gr/httpdocs/admin111/triple_edit/approve.php on line 45 Error connecting to database server In approve.php line 45 i add _DB_NAME_, (didn,t help) change cmod to 777 (didn,t help) My server cannot be "localhost" because is a shared server. Thats why needs the specific database name. I tried to delete the ":3306" and i received this: Warning: mysqli_connect() [function.mysqli-connect]: (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'username'@'' (using password: YES) in/var/www/vhosts/mydomain.gr/httpdocs/admin111/triple_edit/approve.php on line 45 Error connecting to database server
  12. Hi, my presta installation is I uploaded the module i install it And ......BLANK SCREEN EVERYWHERE !!! I can't go to BO and my website also. I turn on error reports and i get this : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting T_FUNCTION in /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httpdocs/home/override/classes/Link.php on line 4 I delete the module via Filezilla but didn't help I uploaded again I delete the Link.php and delete the .html from {category:/}{rewrite}.html It's ok for now
  13. Το συγκεκριμμένο site που αναφερεις χρησιμοποιεί αυτο εδω : http://tutorialzine.com/2010/07/colortips-jquery-tooltip-plugin/ Δες κι αυτο : http://qtip2.com/demos
  14. Κανε αντιγραφη ολα τα αρχεια απο το /cache/smarty/cache/blockcategories στον υπολογιστή σου. Μετά διέγραψέ τα και δές αν παιζει. Το site σου ομως απ οτι βλέπω λειτουργεί κανονικα
  15. κοιτα αυτό: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/bulk-update-prestashop-modules/7951-massive-customizable-xml-importer.html
  16. I use it but will be a bit complicated for my client, because i'm using the prestashop and he has to go into modules section and configure each product tab from there. would be better to be able to make the extra tabs from the module configuration and making the write up of the specific tab in the product section for each product. At Prestashop 1.5 there is no problem and it is very helpfull !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
  17. First Please do all the translations from "BO / tools / translations" in your database there are many tables like "something_lang" yes you can make the translations from there but its dangerous Second If you want to make changes to the header you must find the header.tpl (when you make changes, first of all make a copy of your original .tpl file to a folder) Third if a theme works, then everything is ok in Summary Must try, must spend a lot of time and always strive to become better
  18. Hi I have a petshop and i use PS suddenly my shopping cart adds one or more products to the basket of the customers When someone put one product to his basket, after the payment more products appear at his order. Some of the products are not activated or they are old deleted products. My eshop is www.stekipet.gr Have you ever had a similar incident? Is there any solution? Thank you
  19. Γειά σας Χρησιμοποιώ το PS Οταν κάποιος πελάτης προσθέσει μια παραγγελία, κατα την έξοδο και αφού εχει αποδεχτεί την παραγγελία, του προσθέτει ενα ακόμα προϊόν και μερικές φορές 2 προϊόντα. Αυτό εγινε ξαφνικά και χωρίς υπάρχει κάποια αλλαγη. Δηλαδή εδω και 2 μηνες που εφτιαχνα το site ολες οι δοκιμες που εκανα ηταν χωρις κανενα πρόβλημα. Το παράλογο ειναι οτι τα προϊόντα που προσθέτει στην παραγγελία, ορισμένα δεν υπάρχουν στον κατάλογο. Ειναι τα προϊόντα που ειχε το ps κατα την εγκατάσταση του και 1 ή 2 που διαγράφηκαν απο τον διαχειριστή. Το κατάστημα ειναι το stekipet.gr Ευχαριστώ
  20. Παρε τηλεφωνο τον provider σου και πες του να στο κανει 5.000 Ειναι μια ρυθμιση στο configuration των βασεων δεδομένων. Πιθανόν να μήν ειναι αμεσος provider , αλλα reseller. Να σκεφτείς οτι το prestashop 1.5, ζητάει 4484 for_max_input_vars
  21. To Prestashop υπολογίζει τις τιμές των κιλών ανα μονάδα. Δηλαδή θα πρεπει να ξαναφτιαξεις τις μονάδες μέτρησης κιλών σε 1 εως 2 κιλά, 2 εως 3 κιλά κλπ. Το προβλημά σου θα διορθωθεί Δηλαδή δεν μπορεί να καταλάβει οταν του λες 1.01kg τι ακριβως εννοεις. Αν το βάρος ειναι 1.00028kg? Κι εκει το μπερδευεις
  22. εχεις απεγκαταστησει το block categories module απο το left column
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