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  1. Vielleicht hilft dir dieses Post weiter
  2. Anforderungen zu PrestaShop

    Deshalb muss man ja nicht gleich die niedrigste PHP Option wählen. Es gibt ja auch noch PHP 7.0 oder 7.1 ... alles besser als PHP5
  3. VAT drop without price change

    The Swiss Rate is the standard rate and has been updated through the module (actually). There are two other tax rates active that apply to orders from Liechtenstein and Austria. Everything works well except the update of the Swiss VAT rate. It updated the Liechtenstein rate instead.
  4. VAT drop without price change

    Hi Corinadelsol, do you have other taxes than the Swiss taxes activated as well?
  5. VAT drop without price change

    Hi, unfortunately it didn't work as expected. The Swiss VAT was not updated. It seems that the Liechtenstein VAT was changed instead (even though it was the SWISS VAT that was changed in the module settings).
  6. VAT drop without price change

    The module has all necessary setting options. Hope it will work as expected :-)
  7. Hi, in Switzerland VAT will drop in 2018 from 8% to 7.7%. How can I make the adjustment in prestashop so that the VAT for new orders in 2018 will be 7.7% and gross prices in the catalog will remain the same as before? Any tips are appreciated, thanks
  8. At themeforest you get unlimited updates. In the addon store you need to buy updates every year. That makes a difference. But maybe I make it a christmas gift for myself :-)
  9. Thanks selectshop. I have seen this plugin but to be honest I find it a bit expensive since it has only one year updates. This addon would be my last resort. There was a prestashop theme that had this effect built in (panda theme). Unfortunately the seller has been suspended from themeforest. I hope to find a similar theme that has the effect included. For me it is a "nice to have" and not a "must have" and I will have to think about if it is worth to buy the addon. At the moment I would prefer buying a theme though ... :-)
  10. Thanks, I have found this. But when I searched for it through google I couldn't find any theme provider for this theme.
  11. Which theme are you using? I am looking for a theme that has the fly to cart effect.
  12. Hi, I have bought a theme on themeforest which I like a lot. This theme has a built-in fly to cart option. If a buyer is buying a product the product image 'flies' to the basket. Unfortunately this seller has been banned on themeforest for trading with a restricted country and the theme is not available any more. The fly to cart feature was a standard feature in the early prestashop versions. I know that there is a module on the prestashop addon website but I would prefer a theme that has this feature. Does anybody know if there is any other theme available that has this option? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  13. Nur 4 Kategorien ?

    Wenn du sagst, dein Logo wird zu groß angezeigt, liegt vielleicht hier das Problem. Verkleinere das Logo mit einem Grafikprogramm auf die richtige Größe. Vielleicht hast du ein Riesenlogo hochgeladen, das deswegen nicht ordentlich positioniert werden kann. Gibt es einen Link zur Seite? Ansonsten müsstest du vielleicht mal bei Design => Positionen schauen, ob das Menu an einen anderen Hook gehängt werden kann, der eine bessere Positionierung ermöglicht.
  14. Just check with your hoster if you can swith to php version 7 then you won't have this problem any more.
  15. PHP7 ist schon eine gute Sache und die Umstellung lohnt sich schon allein aus Performancegründen. Irgendwann muss der Switch sowieso vollzogen werden, dann lieber früher als später würde ich empfehlen ... Was nicht PHP7 kompatibel ist, hat keine lange Lebenszeit mehr. Das würde ich dann gleich schonmal unter die Lupe nehmen ...