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  1. Hi eweryone Is there any way to change the layered navigation block to filter only by choosing one, maybe two or three attributes of features? I would say the aswer lies in changing some code in modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.php. I was able to remove some filters, but not to restrict it to a selected attribute. Presta version
  2. Even when i create them manually, the problem remains. (i think that also in the example they were created manualy and not by the Generator)
  3. ... here you can see it http://www.nasemuzst...?id_product=236 ... when you choose color combination (Farebná kombinácia) - white/black/blue (biela/cierna/modra) its only in size 11,5, but it also displays all other sizes for the other colors ... and the message to choose other variation.
  4. Hello As the title says.... i have different combinations of products, for example jacket in color black, in sizes L, M, S and in white in size L. But, for the white combination it is displaing also the sizes M and S. In the configuration - "Display unavailable product attributes on product page" is set to "no". What is wrong please? Presta version
  5. Taktiez by som to potreboval na 1.4, bo takto to tam nejde.
  6. Ano, to je to ten link ktory mam v poste pridany. Ale je to na starsiu verziu. Neslo mi to pre
  7. And what is please the corect syntax? Im trying to include info about selected carier on the order confirmation page. I dont know how to include this, so i store the info in an external file.
  8. Helou Im trying to include a file in bankwire before the confirmation, but everthing I become is a blank center column. The code im using: {include_php file="$tpl_dir./file.php"} I have try it a step earlier (payment method), but I become also a blank center column. If anyone can help, please Thanks
  9. Musis pre nich nastavit vahove alebo cenove kategorie podla toho na zaklade coho mas predvoleny sposob urcovania postovneho.
  10. Zdravim Rad by som upravil zobrazenie produktov v kategorii tak, ze by pri kazdom produkte zobrazovalo nahlad ostatnych obrazkov tak ako na produktovej stranke. Len prekopirovanie kodu z product.tpl do product-list.tpl nestaci. Ani pridanie casti scriptu zo zaciatku suboru. Cital som dake riesenie pre starsiu verziu, ale pre to nejde. Vie niekto pomoct? Diky vopred
  11. Cital som jedine o obmedzeni na pocet variantov jedneho produktu, ktore bez nejakych prilepseni funguju niekde do cisla 1000. Ale obmedzenie celkoveho poctu produktov by som tiez rad poznal.
  12. Hello Please, how to display the shipping method ( = selected carrier + price) on order confirmation page. Thanks
  13. I´m having the same problem. On my localhost it´s working fine, but on remote server not. Can someone help? Thanks.
  14. Zdravim Vas. Mam na locale aj na servery nahodenu novu prestu 1.4.4. a mam problem s navigacnym blokom s filtrami. Na locale mi to funguje spravne. No na servery pri tvorbe sablony pre filter nemozem vybrat ani konkretne kategorie pre ktore ma platit (nevyhodi okno pre vyber), a ked zadam vsetky, vypise mi sice podla coho vsetkoho mozem filtrovat, ale ukaze pocet dostupnych filtrov 0. A ak niektory oznacim, nevyberie ho. Nastavenia serveru su v uplnej zhode s poziadavkami presty. Pripajam screan. Ak niekto vie co by mohlo byt vo veci velmi by som ocenil pomoc, dakujem.
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