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  1. takze tu je riesenie: (neviem ci sa na to nikto nepozeral, alebo mal len mudre reci ako by sa to malo robit - to nebudem riesit) skratka problem (aspon u mna) bol v tom ze v adresari /www_root/modules/mailalerts/mails chybal adresar "sk" coz je vlastne obsah toho mailu ktory mal chodit ale kedze si skript nenasiel text ktory ma poslat lebo hladal neexistujuci adresar, tak ho jednoducho neposlal. to vysvetluje aj to preco to po prepnuti do ENG / FR fungovalo. mato (ten medzi klavesnicou a kreslom)
  2. viem ze ta nebavi asi dookola opakovat to iste a riesit ten isty problem. a asi mas tiez dost inej roboty... ale nie je jednoduchsie v kratkosti napisat riesenie ? nasiel som shoperov problem - hej mam taky isty.. ale miesto riesenia som nasiel ze problem je v uzivatelovi...
  3. ano po prepnuti do ENG to funguje. co mam teda robit ?
  4. mam, aj nastaveny. ale pride mi len ako kupujucemu prijatie a potvrdenie objednavky
  5. zdravim. ja mam nahodenu najnovsiu prestu ( a tie informacne maily mi nechodia... neviem v com moze byt chyba.
  6. how can i install and run this good ?
  7. taka hlupa otazka... uz som si nainstaloval slovencinu (zial tu oficialnu z presta.com). ako mam "nainstalovat" tuto tvoju ? staci cez FTP prepisat subory ktore su v prilohe ? (po kompletnom rozbaleni samozrejme na adresare mails, modules, themes, translations) dik za odpoved mato
  8. zaujimave.. ja som na toto prisiel hned
  9. i forgot - will be happy with smarter upgrade of Prestashop (to higher version when update is available)
  10. Hello, im insterested about fullsite backup too. i have few different hostings and any of them have not cPanel. im also insterested about automated backup - something like JoomlaPack in Joomla (+ win application for sheduled backups). somebody ? developers ? programmers ? (will buy a beer )
  11. Hello, as im using your system on few clients, i found some "bugs" - on editing product only 20 attachments is visible - other are visible after moving to left (product) side - what if there will be 100 attachments in my global list ? this happends only when i work on opera and i set 120% magnif - no uploading image through wysiwyg editor - no copy also attachments when copy product - title of copied images (when copying product) stays from original and no way to change them - only remove and upload new one - on editing product on bottom is sometimes one button, sometimes two. - by pressing SAVE button (when editing product) it redirets me to a root category no to parent - on category list is listing product broken - sometimes is missing (again edit product) link on left-bottom BACK TO CATEGORY some of these maybe are already done, so dont be critical to me (have no time to read detaily changelog) martin
  12. Hello, product pagination in back office dont work properly on my presta v. when i have over 50 products in category and i try to go to 2 page with products it sends me into root category. On v. and i dont saw this problem Please help me. PS: i was thinking about last chance - upgrade, but i cant find any easy way and wiki is from august 2008. martin
  13. did somebody resolve this problem ? i have the same and at this time is 2MB for attachments like PDF not too mach
  14. Hello, did you resolve the problem above ? max attachment size 2000kb ?
  15. Thank you very much - that vas the problem (in the first reply from rocky).
  16. Hello, i need long/full titles for products on index / category page, bud something cut them. what should i do to set up full titles ? see on: http://www.pegasclima.eu/
  17. Zdravim. uz som trosku preluskal prestashop, ale par veciam nerozumiem. na stranke pegasclima, a taktiez aj v kategoriach, ci podkategoriach: pegasclima kategoria mi nezobrazuje uplne popisy produktov. V CSS to nie je, lebo ak si pozriete zdrojovy kod, tak tam nic na skratenie nie je.. je to bud nejake nastavenie alebo obmedzenie. Na product page uz sa zobrazuje vsetko korektne. pouzita verzia PS moc dakujem za skoru odpoved. mato
  18. Hello. Im trying to move the same (PS1.2 from subdirectory to webroot). But when i change from '/store/' to '/' nothing happend, just something add to end of file ending php tag - ?> When i put '/..' it focused few lines of errors - then i tried change CHMOD - that makes white screen. and that is the problem. what should i do with this white screen ? if somebody is interesting - http://www.pegasclima.eu/ if somebody have solution, pls send me PM or email (matolog at gmail dot com) thanks a lot
  19. i have tried both of these, but any works :@ (second export something, but i didnt see no products there) im running on latest v of presta - some different export module ? thnx
  20. ake jednoduche riesenie a predsa efektivne. tiez som mal tuto otazku - tak velka vdaka.
  21. no potom nezabudni este v PAYMENTS pre slovensko povolit platbu pre vsetky platobne systemy.
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