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  1. Version 0.2 as version 1.0 is bugged in validation.php This current version fixes error recieved on validation.php reserveorder.zip
  2. Definatly error on validation.php so i'll try and fix it today for you!
  3. Hmmmmm? Not sure why? give me a little time and i'll take a look into it and release it again. What features would you like to see any suggestions and or comments too?
  4. Here is the download link below to the finished module. I haven't finished help file but it very simple to install indeed. Please download and post here your comments and suggestions and I will incorporate where possible. Please check back for full help file once completed. New version below that fixes validation.php error. Do not download this one look further down posts for version 0.2 for the fixed version!!!!!1 reserveorder.zip
  5. Module created writing help file for it and it shall be released by 3am (GMT time - UK London time). Created module from scratch was easier. Please check back for download 3am tonight!
  6. Please feel free to modify or share this module around
  7. After much interest in adding youtube videos to my product description i came up with this idea. Why not add it direct to the products.tpl page. Basically here's the heads up i thought i would share it around and spread the love so to speak. If you want it, it is free the attachment is below. All you need to do is replace products.tpl in your main theme folder with the one in the zip (download link below). Then providing you don't use the suppliers reference box in the product creation process simply add the youtube code from the url in there and when the product is created. VIOLA! (Instructions included!) Baring in mind it is for the standard theme in prestashop (default theme) hope you guys find a use and it helps new prestashopers on there way! If you like it all i ask is you simply visit my site or goto my youtube video to say thanks! http;//www.ladyred.org or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPR8f9Q0Zp8 Any question then please ask however bare in mind it is 4:45am and this is a quick post as I have lots of store work to catch up on so my apologies for this quickly put together post. youtube_product.zip
  8. I have installed and embed as a test i get the following error at the top of product pages when product video tabbed is clicked on Warning: include_once() [function.include-once]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(../../classes/Product.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/ladyredo:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp) in/home/ladyredo/public_html/modules/productvideos/productvideos.php on line 12 Warning: include_once(../../classes/Product.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in/home/ladyredo/public_html/modules/productvideos/productvideos.php on line 12 Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening '../../classes/Product.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in/home/ladyredo/public_html/modules/productvideos/productvideos.php on line 12 Home>French Maid>Maid 1 how can i fix this??
  9. Thank you ever so much. I've dreamed of this module being on my store since i first installed it to my server. very well done and thanks once again!
  10. Yeah thanks. Sorry din't realise that. However i must admit i do require what olea is asking above
  11. Definatly needed loads asking on forum posts from what i can see including myself. 1. Option for customer to prepay for products by toping up there account through my account area.Like a little savings or piggy bank 2. Option to buy now pay later like the bank wire but instead buy now pay later text is there stating order etc. in on hold pending acceptance with bo customasizable text on the page customer sees etc. 3. Allopass intergration for phone payments http://www.allopass.com and 123 ticket system which is the same http://www.123ticket.com 4. Paypoint payment module http://www.paypoint.com 5. Option for customer to print invoices out. 6. Customer comments on BO login page (once logged in index.php) for easier browsing and use 7. Manufacturers module showing in blocks etc. images i.e. company logos to the manufacturers. 8. Direct debit payment options Thank you.
  12. can you offer 'lite' versions for free for us less able to pay folk please? Don't mean to be rude but i struggle financially and need this badly!
  13. Hmmmm. Very good point indeed. You see this is a good topic for debate which could have many pros and many cons. In my case my partner is a professional glamour model and I have adapted prestashop to sell all of here photographic portfolios on there. In my instance products are photographs via digital download etc. Although you have a very valid point i feel this would be beneficial to myself and my partners business. We have had popular demand for this. I did the same thing on her old site (not prestashop, before we found out the quality advantages of it) and got over $8% of sales through it. It is there for people who need it. A scenario is. It's wednesday and your getting paid on friday. Your online and window shopping. You see a nice photo and Ooops! your not paid until saturday? To reserve a product means yes mayby some lost sales but ends customer paranoia about out of stock issues and means the customer can reserve and pay by midnight saturday to secure there product! Various pros and cons but on the whole i suppose it boils down to what each business needs is and would it benefit yourself and your business. In our case yes, so i am simply going to share it so others can benefit if they wish. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Im sorry if i sound abit abrupt it isnt my intentions just outlining in more detail.
  14. excellent. thanks very much. works a treat!
  15. How do i make images show smaller in the slider and the slider only! They show a bit too big for it. What code do i need to edit. Thanks.
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