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  1. in my webmaster account have urls https://www.bargains-zone.co.uk/index.php?id_product=1688&controller=product. These urls are displayed as a Page with redirect.
  2. I had more errors on my thirtybees (Prestashop version than products. Spend weeks to find solution. Unistalled a module Block Category Products and solved most of the errors. After testing on google few errors left, futher investigation pointed only few products that caused all errors. Removing all those products solved all errors, only warnings left. Few months later some of those warning started to change to errors, have now 8 errors on 8 products. Removed those products, cleared cache but google still see them. I am trying to solve warnings. Thirtybee is a better platform as I have only 118 modules (Presta had 256). My website is bargains-zone.co.uk
  3. Products are not displayed on the second page in each category, can see a message There are no products. In the back office, I have set 24 products to be displayed per page and looks like only 24 products displayed after all. My website bargains-zone.co.uk, Prestashop version At the end of the URL added #/.
  4. Can you advise if this script will work for me? I want to upgrade my shop from to latest version. I do not want to use the 1-click upgrade as it is the risk to end up with an unstable shop. In the past when want to upgrade: 1 Installed new shop with the same version. 2 Deleted all records from newly installed shop database and imported database from the old shop. 3 Check if all working fine in the back and front office. 4 1-click upgrade of new installed shop to higher version 5 If new version works fine switch domain (have one domain for tests) to newly upgraded shop. Lately, is not working. Have errors server misconfiguration after import database from the old shop. If your script can copy a database from live shop to newly installed shop in the same version (live shop leave intact)?
  5. I could not find this line. I am interested in solution as I have the same problem. Prestashop On product pages won't save changes. Clear cache did not help at all.
  6. On my website bargains-zone.com cart module not displays at all. How to fix it? Errors display on but not show any errors.
  7. I have error message "The content field is invalid." when try to save edited cms page in prestashop Upgraded from
  8. I have similar problem. Upgraded prestashop from to latest version on copy of the online shop www.bargains-zone.co.uk. I purchased another domaind auto-beauty.net to do live upgrade to be able to see my work. After upgrade tinyMCE editor not showed up on product pages and on cms pages. Debuged this problem and loads errors displayed from js folder. Deleted whole js folder and uploaded new one. This operation fixed problem. All was working fine, had this editor working on auto-beauty.net. Then I switched domains for proper one bargains-zone.co.uk. On the targed domain editor working fine on CMS pages but not displays on product pages. Domain auto-beauty.net was still pointed to folder copy of the shop (upgraded shop), 2 domains were pointed to the same folder. From domain auto-beauty.net editor tinymce works fine on CMS and product pages, but from bargains-zone.co.uk works only on cms pages. Any advices please.
  9. I have similar problem. I am unable to change content of the cms pages. I upgraded from to and now won't save changes. What ever change on the cms page stays as was before after clicked save.
  10. I upgraded copy of prestashop from to That copy it was copy of live running shop. After first run new shop noticed that most pictures won't display in front and back office. There is complete mess in featured products on home page. When try to open modules error appears memmory limit and something more: Alowed memory on server 32M. [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smarty_internal_templateparser: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4864 bytes). Any suggestions please. website address www.betty-fashion.net
  11. error displays now: Fatal error: Call to a member function assign() on a non-object in /hermes/waloraweb093/b2000/moo.bargainszonecouk/bargainszone/modules/paymentsense/paymentsense.php on line 481 should I replace thi module from instal pack?
  12. On my shop error appear recently. Customer after placing order accepts terms and conditions and choose carier. Then click next to choose payment metod but blank page appears. Non of the payment options displays on the page. See attached file. prestashop website addres www.bargains-zone.com
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