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  1. Hey Guys, This looks fantastic and promising if we can pull this off. Any suggestion on how to start this?
  2. Men, I like this theme... When will be available and what is your price? (if too expensive I won't buy it)
  3. Try to uninstall the module if you don't want the loyalty points to appear on the product page.
  4. Hi, Try this module: http://www.prestastore.com/back-office-tools/749-catalog-evaluation.html
  5. Hi, Just to let you know that, I deleted PS, re-uploaded all files to server and reinstall, it's working fine now. Just upload the contents of the prestashop downloaded folder using FTP. If you upload the ZIP file and extract it in the server, It doesn't extract every file and thats the problem. Goodluck.
  6. Anyone knows how to get the Tiny_mce to show in the BO. I have re-uploaded and it's still not working. Thanks
  7. Hi Tobias, Could you please explain to me what you did to solve this problem? Please. Thanks
  8. Am having this problem as well. Any Help out there will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi Yoda2008, It will be nice for you to highlight differences (if any) between this .htaccess and the original one with 1.2.5. I have spent my time comparing both and there's no difference. Please provide more details or close the thread. Thanks
  10. Hi, Read this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/20853/general_discussion/solved_how_do_i_configure_shipping_ratesoptions_in_prestashop or search for Postage price Cheers
  11. I could be wrong. For my experience, if I add $useSSL = true; to the top of blockcategoriesaccordion.php after the <?, everytime when the customers clicked on the menu, it would make the pages that they clicked became ssl. If the pages were not ssl ready, it would break the site. What I did was I changed all of the {$base_dir} to {$content_dir} on all of the categoriesaccordion.tpl. And it works. Hi Star, Thank you very much for the help. It fixed the problem for too. Rocky thanks fo your reply too. JJBYPC
  12. HI Rocky, When am using this module I keep getting IE secure and non-secure HTTPS warning. I uninstalled your module and the warning stopped. Could you please point me to the file or line that I need to edit to fix this problem? Thanks IJ
  13. Thanks for the Module, very helpful module indeed. Keep up the good work.
  14. I think you still have to pay some money, it doesn't appear to be free.
  15. This problem have been solved by changing LINE 36 of /admin/tabs/AdminStatsTab.php Replace with this: if (($month = Tools::getValue('dateInputMonth', -1)) != -1 AND Validate::isInt($month))
  16. Am having the same problem with "Tracking visitors" module, I have visitors online, and I also online but 2010 has no records. Is this a bug?
  17. Am interested in this module aswell. Please PM me when it's ready.... Thanks
  18. Hi Applestarz, I did have the same problem, but you'll need to read the questions and Answers above. You'll need to copy the contents of the module folder to the root/module of your site, 2) You'll need to transplant and disable some moudules from your BO admin modules. Your modules positions in the BO has to exactly as the included screenshot. Thanks
  19. Thank You ruilong and Joleyy, You guys have made our Christmas a very MERRY on indeed. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Thanks for the reply Joleyy, I have moved all the 4 folders in the MODULE to the root/module/ folder, and now I have 2 different search boxes at the top. Also, Where can I find this "settings-params.jpg" ? Thank you in advance..
  21. Hi Joley, I have installed this theme and i's not the same as the demo site. What am i missing? Modules or any other settings? Please help... Thanks
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