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  1. There are a lot of professional programmers ready to work. You only need to hire them. This is a forum, not a free service. Value your work.
  2. There is a forum to discuss bugs before reporting https://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/23-bug-reports/
  3. This can happen if system gets down during product deletion. Main product table deleted the record but was not able to delete the ps_product_shop record.
  4. You should not change the total amount. As Prestashop does, you must generate a new document with the refunded amount, but must keep the original amount as original.
  5. If you has made a migration of your database: check that migration was successful and no index were missed.
  6. It is not an image. It is html and you can change in the template or via translations (easier)
  7. You should try disabling modules one by one, until you find which one is causing the problem.
  8. You have to configure a cronjob task that will, automatically, update your faceted seach index
  9. What do you mean with "collection in store"?
  10. Check that your server does not makes use of Fail2ban, and if so, check that your server ip has not been banned
  11. You can edit PayPal module to send the product reference within the name, but keep in mind that you will need to edit the paypal module after any update
  12. Creo que te será más fácil modificar el módulo que crea los ficheros para que en lugar de trabajar con "preparacion en curso" lo haga con "pago aceptado"
  13. Lo mejor es que cada plataforma se dedique a lo que fue diseñada. No intentes hacer que una tienda online sea un foro, o que un sistema de blog (wordpress) lo sea. Monta cada uno en un subdominio y luego haz integraciones simples.
  14. Revisa las descripciones de los productos. Sobre todo si esos productos se crean con algún tipo de importador, ya que, normalmente, dichos importadores no están bien hechos e insertan el contenido a a la base de datos sin depurar.
  15. Es posible que la descripción incluya caracteres que no son tratados correctamente por prestashop y generan un error al almacenarlo
  16. So much delay in Addons module review. Usually it was reviewed within 5 days, but since our last upload has been 21 days and we are still in 141 position! If you purchase the module and want to get the 2.0 version (which includes categories filter) contact us and we will deliver it manually. Regards
  17. Seems like Prestashop has a huge validation queue after the summer. The module will be aproved, probably, within the next two weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. Should.... I agree. But think that the most extended shop system is a blog platform with enough mutations to make it look like a shop. It is like making a bike look like a truck using cardboard. Nowadays people does not care about what is well made, they only care about if it works, no matter how bad.
  19. The classes are from GoDaddys website builder. Seems like someone copied and pasted the content into the editor.
  20. V2.0 is coming... with filters by category and filters by feature! Module is yet in the validation queue, so in a few days v2.0 will be available. Meanwhile you can take a look to the updated demo https://demo.moofinder.com/index.php Hope you like it!
  21. The classes look like a page builder. Something like elementor or similar.
  22. Well, if you are not familiar with css and smarty templates, i suggest to find a developer to do the job for you.
  23. If it works in an incognito tab, should work with wget. Check for mispellings
  24. The problem is css and html. There are two containers (main product + related) that are not aligned. You should check which css rules applies for both, to find the differences
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