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  1. You have to turn on Advanced Stock Management in Settings > Product ... I had same problem with "There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected." .. for me assign product to Warehouse from Product > Warehouse option helped.. Shame that i have ~1000 items and there is not Global option to batch assign...
  2. Can somebody share the solution for displaying the Titles instead of numbers in Homeslider please? Thank you very much.
  3. I am looking for the same thing. Can you please describe how you edited the files of homeslider module? Thanx in advance
  4. Vdaka Mamuška .. zabil som s tym sice hodinu casu, ze preco odrazu localhost nefunguje .. ale zachranila si ma . .Edituj nazov prispevku na [solved] alebo [Vyriesene] ci ako sa to v SK pise, nech sa sem preklikne viac ludi ak to bude treba
  5. Try this, hope it helps http://nemops.com/grid-display-prestashop-1-5/
  6. Tryed DB PS_SSL_ENABLED confing as well, deleting .htaccess, restore files & folders from working backup, nothing helped. But my Chrome browser has cached data to login, so I can skip login form instead of FF or IE. After visiting Backoffice. Everything works, but Prestashop news cant load and the hover on tabs also not working... Any help is more than welcome
  7. Is there any way to change attribute generator price field to not make the price impact but to set new price of the product? It is working if I set the basic price of the product on 0 (zero) and then price of the combinations, but in product list there always be the 0 (zero) price visible. So how to tell product-list.tpl and all other layouts to display for example the lovest combination price instead? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi, i have a shop (beta version) on www.mondoitalia.sk where product list is displayed correctly in Chrome, Firefox, but in Internet explorer is every product box displayed twice (check here for example: http://www.mondoitalia.sk/5-kabelky). Every second product is even empty. When I run page in IE compatibility mode, everything works fine, but page will freeze after mouseclick on anything. Can somebody help me please ? EDIT: Never mind, mistake in product-list.tpl ...
  9. Absolutelly fantastic, thank you really much.. is there any way to [sOLVED] this topic ?
  10. Cam´t believe my eyes, it is working : ) Deleting tools/smarty and tools/smarty_v2 files really help (hope it will stay 4ever) .. even after disabling smarty re-compile. May be I am bit dissapointed about semantics check cos it cant find my H1 tag which ich right on the part of homepage that I have 404 always on.. but if you sayed, that you can access it, its all ok .. hope Google say the same : ) Thanx you once again
  11. On site www.mojepradlo.sk i had 1 language (Slovak) in fresh installation of 1.4.4. I migrated data from Zen using cart2cart service what created one more language (English). Everything went smootlhy like a charm, until I disabled English. After that i have always 404 on homepage, even on enabling English back on. Every other page work perfect. No mather if I enable Smarty re-compile, cache, enable ReWrite, generate new .htaccess, clcear cache, etc.. I tryed everything, but nothing work. Cas somebody help me please? I dont want to have 2 languages on site cos it causes /langcode in URL, so I would like to keep Slovak only.
  12. Hi, still not working for me(FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file),is there any setting that I've missed? Try check ADMIN > Preferences > PDF ... otherwise i have no idea at the moment. That my solution worked for some people... Best regards
  13. SOLVED Just replace your v1.1.0.5 classes/Validate.php with some newer (1.2 RC1 i.e.) Worked for me Validate.php
  14. Riesenim (odskusane vo verzii je prepisat subor Validate.php v adresary /classes novsim, trebars z verzie 1.2 RC1 (prikladam na stiahnutie) Validate.php
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