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  1. Hi Nemo1, yes I mean "combination", but the problem with the "impact on price" is, that it impacts the "per-piece" price, BUT this is not what I am need to configure. EXAMPLE: Lets say the customer orders 10 t-shirts with "skich" printing. The the final billing should look like: 10 t-shirts for 9$ per piece = 90$ plus (one-time) skitch-printing setup costs of 50$. Total: 140$ Is there a way to do this?
  2. Hi guys, I am trying to find a way to configure additional costs for products. For example - I am selling t-shirts with color print or skitch print. I got bulk prices set for both variants (color print or skitch). For example: 1piece 10$ 10pieces 9$ 100pieces 8$ ADDITIONAL COSTS per VARIANT: When the user chooses "print" as a variant I'd like to add the additional one-time costs of 30$. When the user chooses "skitch" as a variant I'd like to add the additional one-time costs of 50$. MY QUESTION: Is there a way to configure this in prestashop? Kind regards Rassy
  3. Hi guys, I love the new swatches feature in 1.6 with shows the available colors within the category view. Is there a plugin available that adds the function to change the product image on mouse-over over a swatch in the category list? I know that magento shops have a module for that. Does prestashop have one? I'd be really thankful for a tip :-) Kind regards Rassy
  4. Hi guys, I'd like to be able to easily configure a product with variants and scaled pricings. The product configuration (variants) is: 4 colors: red, yellow, green, blue (the COLOR DOES NOT affect the price) 2 materials: leather, plastic (the material DOES affect the price) 3 scaled pricings: 1, 10, 20 (The scaled price depends on the selected material (leather or plastic) AND on the number of products ordered) An Excel Table would be so easy to create the price structure, BUT in prestashop it takes AGES! -------------------------------- material: + leather + plastic+ -----------+---------+---------+ 1 piece 20$ 10$ 10 pieces 18$ 8$ 20 pieces 15$ 6$ -------------------------------- MY QUESTION: How would you guys do this for a large number of products? Is there a module available? Thanks for your tips! Kind regards Rassy
  5. Hi guys, I even went a step further and created a seperate "ROOT" Category for the LAPTOP-shop and the IPOD-shop. I then associated the LAPTOP products with ONLY the LAPTOP ROOT category and the IPOD produts with ONLY the IPOD ROOT category. AND STILL the problem remains: The search function (top search box) still searches the WHOLE catalouge... ... now this is not good! ... I would call this a bug!
  6. Hi guys, as you might have noticed I am currently testing PS 1.5.2 in multishop mode. And damn: It seems like there are some bugs in there... ... do you guys recon to use it in a productive system, yet? ... I feel like I am just scratching the top of the ice... In order to get an better overview about the current status in 1.5.2 ESPECIALLY IN MULTISHOP MODE, I am opening this threat collection with errors in multishop mode. I think it is a good idea to start a collection.... .. ok here we go - those are the bugs I found so far: Bug in Module topmenu: http://www.prestasho...__fromsearch__1 Search Function: > 404-Bug in "Search" function with 2 languages (1 per domain) configured: http://www.prestasho...rl-2-languages/ > "Search Function" searching the whole shop instead of only assigned root categories: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/201245-search-behaviour-in-multishop-how-to-search-only-for-articles-in-current-shop/ > Bug in Module BlockLayered: http://www.prestasho...__fromsearch__1 > Bug in CMS Blog: http://www.prestasho...multishop-mode/ > Bug in Google Sitemap.xml Module: http://www.prestasho...multishop-mode/ What bugs are you guys currently struggeling with?
  7. Hi guys, I have a fresh 1.5.2 install and 3 shops. One MAIN shop (all categories) and 2 category-specific shop (ipod-shop, laptop-shop) I am using the sample data from the standard-installation. My shops are configured like this: Shop1: MAIN SHOP www.mainshop.com Shop 2: Latops www.laptops.com Shop 3: iPods www.ipods.com THE PROBLEM > When entering a search for "ipod" in the LAPTOP Shop, I still get a search result. > When entering a search for "lpatop" in the IPOD Shop, I still get a search result. ... although I deactivad all products from the "home" category (they are ONLY associated to their product-category) WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO ACHIEVE I would like the search function in my "IPOD" and "LAPTOP" Shops to only search for the specific products in the associated categories Any ideas how I could solve that problem? Kind regards Rassy
  8. Hi guys, I have a fresh 1.5.2 install setup with 3 domains and 2 languages, BUT each shop is only assigned ONE language!! (I did this thru BO > Localization > Languages) Shop1: MAIN SHOP www.mainshop.com (english only) Shop 2: Latops www.laptops.com (english only) Shop 3: iPods www.ipods.com (german only) When friendly url is DISABLED, the search function works fine!! THE PROBLEM: When I ACTIVATE "Friendly URLs" the Search Function only works Shop 3 (german). In Shop 1 & Shop 2 I get a "Page not found" error when using the "Search Box". A WORKAROUND: When I have BOTH languages active in ALL shops, then the search-function works in ALL SHOPS. BUT this is NOT a solution, as I would like to only allow ONE LANGUAGE PER DOMAIN. How do I report this as a bug? Can anyone validate? Kind regards Rassy
  9. Hi guys, I am also searching for a solution. Any ideas? Any news in Version 1.5.2?
  10. Hi guys, I have a fresh 1.5.2 install with 3 multishops setups: Shop1: MAIN SHOP www.mainshop.com (ALL CATEGORIES) Shop 2: Latops www.laptops.com (Home Category & LAPTOPS) Shop 3: iPods www.ipods.com (Home Category & IPODS) WHAT I DID In the gsitemap module I generated the sitemap.xml files. THE PROBLEM: The problem is, that the generated sitemaps on the laptop-shop and the ipod-shop still contain ALL categories. THIS WOULD BE RIGHT: From Seo Point-Of-View this is duplicate content and the sitemap.xml should only contain links to categories and products, which are associated with the specific multishop. Is this a bug or am I seeing something wrong? Kind regards Rassy
  11. back office->preferences->select the store you want to work with Works like a charm!! :-) Thanks a lot for your help!
  12. Hi elpatron, sorry - I confused this thread with another one you and me are chatting on.... so the bad bad news for this thread is: my problem is not solved yet. :-) The problem remains: Concerning the "noindex/index" meta tag - I can't find a place to set this in "back office->preferences->seo and urls". I am actually talking about this one here: <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> To prevent duplicate content with multishops it would be great to have a place to set this on "shop-level". Any ideas?
  13. Hi guys, I have a fresh 1.5.2 install and would like to have 4 multishops. 3 in english and 1 in italian. Shop1: MAIN SHOP www.mainshop.com Shop 2: Latops www.laptops.com Shop 3: iPods www.ipods.com SEO wise I would like to only index the mainshop.com to prevent duplicate content. In order to achieve this I have the following questions: 1) Is there a place to configure a meta "index/noindex" on a per shop basis? 2) If no - is there a place to set an individual "header-html" placeholder on a per shop basis - so I could manuelly enter the html code? Any ideas? Thanks for your support Rassy
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