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  1. Hi guys. Mine problem is, that I can't translate the text "cart (empty)" in my header. I translate everything in mine administration with name "cart", but nothing happend. Can you help me please? Here is my site, take a look: http://www.hraciakocka.sk/spolocenske-hry Thank you very much!
  2. Hi everybody. Mine problem is, when I do some order, the table with amounts isn't at the right place. The table is moved to the right. Can you help me with this problem? I want the table on the left side. Here is the image for better understanding. Thank you.
  3. Hi Mike. In my Back Office I've got enabled force compile. Can be possible, that my theme was bad created?
  4. Hi everybody. My problem is, that my web page is very slow. What should I do? Can help me, when I change my theme?! And if I have to change my theme, how can I try the speed of the web page before I buy it? My web page is here: www.hraciakocka.sk Thanks for answers.
  5. thank you negative. now it work. thank you, again.
  6. Hi. I´ve got problem. The names of my products aren´t centered. I tried anything, but nothing work. Please, can you help me? Here´s my site: http://www.hraciakocka.sk/3_piatnik
  7. Hi. Can anyone help me, with my problem? I want to add new bookmark next to bookmark "data sheet". But problem is, that I want, that new bookmark will be like bookmark with "similar products". It mean, that I click on them, it will show me all similar products which I mark in my store. Can you help me someone? Thanks
  8. hi razaro. thank you very much. You´ve got right. Now it work. Thank, again.
  9. I tried all possible format for image, like .png, .gif, .jpg and i still can not see my logo. Can someone help, please?! Here is problem in picture:
  10. Hi. I installed new theme for my prestashop and some moduls from sections "top of pages" and "footer" disappeared. And I just want them back. Can you help me? this is my site: http://hraciakocka.sk/ and I want my part (top of pages and footer) like this: http://prestashop-planet.com/prestashop_demo/demo03/ thanks
  11. caute. vedel by mi prosim vas niekto poradit? potreboval by som kompletne restartovat presta shop, aby som ho mal v pozicii, v akej bol, ked som ho prvykrat nainstaloval. pripadne, toto by nebolo potrebne, keby ste mi vedeli pomoct s tymto problemom. nainstaloval som si novy modul ale omylom som odinstaloval moduly, ktore som potreboval. tieto moduly boly v pozicii "top of page" a "footer". rad by som ich dal ako boli v zakladnej teme. takto to vyzera, ako to chcem mat: http://prestashop-planet.com/prestashop_demo/demo03/ a takto to vyzera, ked to v tej hlavicke a pata nie je: vopred dakujem.
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