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  1. Patch was not working for me, it did not update ajax.php. I added some debugging output to her.php to see what was going wrong (I'm a PHP developer and I found there was a version mismatch. echo "version: "._PS_VERSION_."\n"; gives me "1.4.3" so this line will always fail: if (_PS_VERSION_ == '') so I amended it to: if (_PS_VERSION_ == '' || _PS_VERSION_ == '1.4.3') and that did the trick. Quite possible that I am not the only one with this problem.
  2. The warning is: "Your are currently connected with the following domain name: www.foo.com This one is different from the main shop domain name set in "Preferences > SEO & URLs": " But, when I put that URL into the Shop Domain Name field, PayPal and shopping cart stop working. The instructions on the configuration page indicate that leaving it blank is perfectly fine? "Shop domain name" [_______________________] Domain name of your shop, used as a canonical URL (e.g., www.myshop.com). Keep it blank if you don't know what to do. At a guess I'd say this is somehow related to my webserver setup, and Prestashop thinks my website URL is different from what I think it should be. I haven't tried putting in the website URL without the 'www.'.
  3. Another one... possible fix here for the 'not logged' error
  4. Secondary symptom is: Cannot delete, increase or decrease items in shopping cart, gives a an AJAX error. This is what worked for me: Go to 'preferences' -> SEO & URLs, scroll all the way down and clear one or both of the 'shop domain' URL fields. (I don't use SSL BTW) You'll see a warning every time you login, but hey...suddenly everything is working and most importantly, customers can buy from your shop
  5. Ah, may have found fix...will post solution shortly.
  6. When I try to checkout, and click on the Paypal box, website goes to 'modules/paypal/payment/submit.php' and then...nothing. All I see is 'Not logged' No errors in the logs, not even with debug enabled. Looks like the paypal module checks if I am logged in using cookies, and that part fails. Does that mean that the Paypal module thinks I am not logged into my prestashop shop? This a new install of Prestashop v1.4.3 (installed it just before 1.4.4 came out) - Have tried upgraded Paypal module to v2.6, made no difference. - Have reset module and regenerated paypal API keys, made no difference. - The validation page gives me a blank page (/modules/paypal/validation.php) and no errors in webserver logs. - Have tried different browser, made no difference - Have tried flushing the cache, made no difference Have checked servertime, php.ini settings, permissions, etc...what am I missing? (Also noticed that I am not the only one with this issue - haven't seen solution anywhere yet)
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