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  1. when I do that it only shows the premium module which is £134.99, this is in both 1.5 and 1.6.
  2. Just did a fresh install of but there was no free paypal module. I thought maybe its no longer there and only in 1.6 but did a fresh install of 1.6 and its not there either? I am in the UK. Please help paypal is my main methoud of taking payments. Thanks James
  3. ok thanks I will give it a go. I am talking about the default theme that came with 1.5 not a custom one by the way.
  4. I was wondering does the 1.5 theme still work with 1.6? Although I like the look of 1.6 its just too big, the nav bar, the width on headers the bit at the bottom to sign up to the newsletter etc. Looks fine at 1920x1080 but not everyone has a HD screen and it looks awful on lesser resolutions because everything just fills the screen whereas 1.5 theme does not. Thanks James
  5. screen attached, I have blanked out most of the email and password because this is public but in the email the password is shown in full. Surprising as email is hardly secure.
  6. I find it very surprising that customers password are displayed in full in there welcome email as standard. And I can not find any obvious way to remove them from the emails. I would have thought this should be standard in 1.6.
  7. HI yes, this is a link to a product that has the double show. http://www.rotaryrebuild.net/engine-internals/1-rx8-complete-o-ring-kit.html Thanks James
  8. hi, when listing a pack the pack content is displayed twice, once after the short description (above the price and then after the long description. How do I disable the first one so it only shows after the long description? Thanks James
  9. www.rotaryrebuild.net I have found a temp fix which is to enable the permanent link block module, and to shrink the logo a bit. I have disabled it to show the issue. Once you have had a look could you let me know so I can re-enable the module. Thanks again James
  10. Ok, so I rolled back the update but this time ticked "Upgrade the "default" theme" which has improves things but its still not 100%
  11. Just updated my shop from 1.5.4 to but now my header bar has screwed itself up. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks James
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