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  1. 1.4.x Profit/Loss Report?

  2. I had this issue to when trying to upgrade. I managed to sort it although I can't remember exactly what I did! I'm 99% sure I restored my old database. The upgrade actually changes part of the database, so not sure why you deleted all your tables?
  3. restore a backup of your database
  4. You're not alone. I would comment that upgrading from 1.2 is a long way... I would suggest a manual upgrade to (I'm on it and it's working fine) or (Couldn't get this to work but a lot of people are using it.). Although 1.5 is working, it seems to work best from a clean install, there's a lot of complaints about upgrading, I haven't managed to get it to work yet and I've tried alot! The other thing to bear in mind is if you have any customized modules and theme
  5. I suggest to restore a backup and try again... I've never found the autoupgrade to be the most reliable...
  6. Have you edited the mail template
  7. 1.4.x Profit/Loss Report?

    I got a good addon called Order/Profit report. You can report on absoulutely anything in PS and loads of filters e.g. Products, Category, Suppliers etc.
  8. 1.5 major issues

    Well, I'm sorry, but why is it that 85% of my questions never get answered? I'm not trying to abuse the forum, I'm just remarking on my experiance. Perhaps my questions are too difficult. I've tried to help other people.... I agree, however 2 of my major modules don't work and also my current theme. When I asked the developer about the theme, they said they had tested on 1.4.9 and it works fine, however I couldn't get it to work.
  9. @pel024 Thanks for the fix which I made about 2 days ago, I think it's done the trick. I will likewise continue to monitor...
  10. 1.5 major issues

    Yeah, I haven't had one useful reply to a post about 1.5 yet. You're lucky to even have 1.4.9 working. Loads of developers have skipped module upgrades for 1.4.9 and gone straight to 1.5 which is useless as 1.5 uses different schemas. I couldn't agree more. I've just had a email announcing the release of 1.5 for global use. Do they realise that they're emailing an existing customer!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm only interested if I can upgrade (which I can't).
  11. I am agree with pel024 as I have exactly the same issues. The coincidence is just to much! I've been running and 2.8.7 ever since they were released. Somewhere I picked up that 1.4.9 cured alot of issues like this but I can't get 1.4.9 installed as my theme is not compatible so decided to wait for 1.5 instead! PayPal current version doesn't even work with PS version 1.5!
  12. Someone suggested a RC3, I don't think that this is a bad idea!
  13. Is someone able to pm this page to me, I can't view this site
  14. I have come to the conclusion that Prestashop don't read this forum all that much, they rely on the community to help. If you want proper help you either have to pay a developer or their support team which costs a fortune. It's a nightmare. All I want is for my site is to work properly! I think 1.5 would solve loads of my current issues if I could get it to work properly but there have been so many changes....