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  1. I just found this old topic - problem with missing check for quantities during payment validation is still present even in current PrestaShop version Better approach as editing each one module is changing function validateOrder in abstract class PaymentModule. 1. Create file /override/classes/PaymentModule.php 2. Copy and paste there this: <?php abstract class PaymentModule extends PaymentModuleCore { public function validateOrder($id_cart, $id_order_state, $amount_paid, $payment_method = 'Unknown', $message = null, $extra_vars = array(), $currency_special = null, $dont_touch_amount = false, $secure_key = false, Shop $shop = null) { if (!isset($this->context)) $this->context = Context::getContext(); $this->context->cart = new Cart($id_cart); if (!$this->context->cart->checkQuantities()){ Tools::redirect(__PS_BASE_URI__.'order.php?step=0'); } return parent::validateOrder($id_cart, $id_order_state, $amount_paid, $payment_method, $message, $extra_vars, $currency_special, $dont_touch_amount, $secure_key, $shop); } } 3. Delete file /cache/class_index.php (it will be regenerated with reference on this new overridden class) 4. Make sure you have enabled overridden classes in your /admin interface/advanced parameters/performance - second section "Debug mode", option Disable all overrides
  2. Hi, I am Price Hide Pro author. Tanks for letting me know about this issue - I really haven't test such a scenario. Problem was just solved and module updated. Patched version will be available on addons in a few days. ;-)
  3. Hi Jirka, I just checked the demo and it is working as suppose to. Please check again: Front offise: http://subsellers.zulien.net/ Back office: http://subsellers.zulien.net/adminer User: [email protected] Password: password
  4. Seller employee can see and edit only his customers (which he created, were registered via his affiliate link or which were assigned to him). The same with orders, addresses and carts. Sellers can have sub-sellers. With module subsellers any shop owner can easily build structure of his sellers and sub-sellers. They can provide same products but won't see concurrent sales customers or sub-sellers. Even after sale support via messages could be handled via sellers since they will see messages only from their customers. With module your seller employees will have their affiliate links for shop promotion and visitors registration. No more fights between sellers who bring each customer. Promoting your shop on your seller behalf was newer easier and more transparent. Email notifications on new orders or customers for sellers will boost seller diligence and efficiency to the whole new level. Seller summary features: - Seller can have sub-sellers - he can see only his sub-sellers in employee overview - Seller can have customers - he can see only his customers or customers of his sub-sellers - Seller can see only orders of his customers (customers of his sub-sellers) - Seller can see only addresses of his customers (customers of his sub-sellers) - Seller can see only carts of his customers (customers of his sub-sellers) - Seller can see only messages of his customers (customers of his sub-sellers) - Email notification on new customer registration via his affiliate link - Email notification on new customer registration via his sub-seller's affiliate link - Email notification on new order from his customer - Email notification on new order from his sub-seller customer - Unique affiliate link for shop visitors (visitors will be assigned to this seller after registration) Sub-seller summary features: - Sub-seller can't see any other employees by default - Sub-seller can see only his customers - Sub-seller can see only his orders - Sub-seller can see only his addresses - Sub-seller can see only his carts - Sub-seller can see only his messages - Email notification on new customer registration via his affiliate link - Email notification on new order from his customer - Unique affiliate link for shop visitors (visitors will be assigned to this sub-seller after registration) Other: - Easy installation and maintenance - Possibility to reduce module functionality via module configuration interface - Module translations - It's possible to define number of days for visitor cookie from seller / sub-sellers affiliate links You can find more information about this module here.
  5. I noticed that there is something if you check source code of this blank page - you can see an error: Dispatcher::createUrl() miss required parameter "module" for route "module-news-news"
  6. Hi, it looks like you have an error somewhere - try to switch into debug mode - edit file /config/defines.inc.php - line 28. from define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); to: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); error_reporting(E_ALL); Then you should see some errors if there are any.
  7. Hi, check your links for product your are still getting: http://www.fonegallery.in/index.php?controller=product_rule&id=327&rewrite=micromax-canvas-doodle-2-a240&ean13=&meta_keywords=mobilecell-phone&meta_title=&category=micromax It should be something like: http://www.fonegallery.in/index.php?controller=product&id_product=327 Try Dh47 suggestion about force compilation + disabling cache + check if you have appropriate rights on cache directory.
  8. Hi, you would like to transform whole page to full screen mode or just header? If whole page - then maybe it will be less effort to look for some ready to use fullscreen theme. Adapting involves knowledge of css and a lot of changes. Anyway at first go to /admin /advanced parameters/performance and disable cache (after you are done don't forget to enable it again). Then open file /themes/thgr00027/css/global.css - if you want to change just header dimensions then look for line 55. and change value width to width:100%; Then maybe play a little also with line 594 - margins top and left to position top logo nicer.
  9. Have you changed your shop url in /preferences/SEO&URLs? Also disabling module is not the same as uninstalling.
  10. Hi, if you mean adding this section into homefeatured template - the code would be more like: <div id="defaultCountdownc{$product.id_product}"></div> Anyway try to provide more info around module - link would be the best.
  11. Maybe there were a change in error reporting settings on your web server recently. If it is not affecting functionality of your site maybe the fastest (not the best) solution would be just to suspend printed errors. Check file /config/config.inc.php = line 29. and change 'display_errors' option to off. This should suspend printed errors. The best would be to contact the developer who add this additional field and ask for support. If this field is not defined for Customer class I doubt it is working as suppose to.
  12. Are you using any additional modules? Is this happening on default theme or are you using custom one? As far as I know - property "businessid" is not part of the class Customer. It would be helpful if you can provide more info also what is the version of your presta.
  13. Module allows you easily set background color for generated thumbs. There are three modes for background colors. - One background color for all thumbs - Different color for each one image dimension - Different color for each one category Setting is very easy - via color picker. With the last mode you can easily separate different products from each other and also adapt generated thumbs with your color scheme. More information about this module you can find here
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