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  1. Hello c est vrai super slider... j ai une petite requete... est ce possible d inclure un code pour que image 1 soit selectione lundi image 2 mardi etc....Meric de me dire si possible
  2. Hi I have been using prestashop for 3 years now I just intalled the new version and built a new site not so long ago...Prestashop and the people behing are wonderful... I just love prestashop my experience is only that there is less and less free modules and themes and more people wanting to seel their stuff as well as less people helping each other. 3 years ago i had responses to all my post...this time lucky I find the information myslef on other posts as I did not have luck with people replying. It is a community we should all make sure we keep it that way
  3. I had the same issue and I had to upload a ini.php to increase the memory alowed as well as making sure that files permisison were setup properly. php.zip
  4. HI I just finished importing with success some atributes My product was a picture but with different format for people to buy First it is good to work with excel but I do not save there in CSV I copy my table in a word document remove the table heading always have the first raw with one number and skiiping that line in the import tool As an example I had If you have more than one attribute for the same product you will need to repeat the product id number Then you copy and paste in word remove the heading of the table save as plain text encoding 8ft and then upload with the import tool and select combination and import Product ID* Options (Group:Value)* Reference Supplier reference EAN13 UPC Wholesale price Price Ecotax Quantity Weight Default 100 blank one 685 Format: Print 12 X 8 0 1000 1 685 Format : Print 18 X 12 10.90909 1000 0 685 Format : CD TIFF Format 20 1000 0
  5. Hello Bonjour, J aimerais SVP avoir qq conseils pour importer une liste de produits. Je isge le principe mais la ou je m embrouille les pinceaux c est comment travailler ds excel et apres dsauvegarder en CSV bref c est les outils et comment uloader apres ou je suis perdu. Je comprends bien que il faut la base fonctionne avec les id... En gros de travailler ds excel me permet de faire un copier collier a chaque fois car mon produit c est des photos tjrs le meme prix tjrs les memes attributs... Je veux pouvoir creer et uploader mon ficher et apres uploader les photos puisque prestashop sauvegarde - id produtc... Meric de m aiguiller un peu
  6. Solved with another trick.. so far I created a carrier for email and it is free but of course what I could do is to specify choose email to only work with attributes email does anyone has an idea? regards
  7. hello my question is I have one product a picture that picture has some attributes email I want free postage for when we email it how can I do that ? without creating another product for email cd 10 $ postage print same many thanks for your responses!!!!!!
  8. Bonjour lors de mon drnier essai avec prestashop j avais trouve comment importer des produits, je comprends bien le principe des product id et image...donc j ai fait un tour ds ma base de donne mais je me demandais comment faire puis je travailler ds excel ajouter un product id car le prix est tjrs le meme pour les atributs ce sont tjrs les meme juste ajouter la nouvelle product id que j ai cree pour les images j ai vu ds img/ p c est l id photo et l id product mais apres est ce que les thumbail etc se genrate par elle meme? et pour importer comment faire! y a t il un module? Merci d avance
  9. Hi would you mind how you managed to install it on presta 1.4 and also where is the link to install it many thanks!!!
  10. Hello / Bonjour I am very sorry but Can I please ask you if I did understand well I need to go to a site todownload it? or can someone tell me where the module.zip file is for me to upload it? Also...is there a way to include it into a category page? Thanks a lot for your help
  11. Hi after finding the info on how to modify my memory I now have access to the modules Youpi!!! but....the icons are missing any idea please help!!!
  12. Hello it has been a long time since i modify my site and cannot remember how to modify the page that bring you your cart summary before you actaully log in and input your address. all I want to add is some text saying that so far the handling is the only thing calaculated since after you log there is postage on top.Thak youuuuuuuuu
  13. Dear all, Thanks again for your help and support, I searched but could not find info despite the fact that I saw something before... I have issue with the search tool . It does not return anything when i do simple surch for...bikes keywords are short can someone please help me to fix that. it seems it needs morethan 3 letters and if I do a search with xjr it comes with nothing but if I do xjr e and it does not mean asnuthing it will bring products for xjr Thank you
  14. Ok for me the upgrade was 3 days wrok to go back to previous install and also I looked everywhere to find the previous version to do a clean install but could not find it. I am back to the old version and will stick with it!! Until the new 1.2 is more stable and thast all the modules I have such as australia post and so on works with the new version. The positive side is I learnt so MUCH about everything by trying to sort out my issues...I amamanged to get all my cms back and the site is back to normal... Cheers and good luck
  15. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide moi je voudrais rendre le telephone obligatoire ou un message sur le product question car les gens ne mette jamais leur adresse email correctement une idee comment faire ca?
  16. Hi Guys, I do not why but since few hours there is no way products will add to my cart? www.frozzie.com/eshop1 Help will be helpful thanks!! it did not for me so I reinstall a back up version
  17. Hi all I have updated...and despite a big big scary things with my cms but managed to find them Iam willing to test that version. The thing is in the update document it is giving a link on how and where to install a theme...which i have not follow with my old version because it seems to be the way you need to fo it to prevent losing your theme I will be glad if someone can tell me how to do it. The wiki link is empty and also... cannot find it despite searching on forums eazy trader released a theme for 1.2 and I used thiers before but no instruction on how to install
  18. sorry I did not see somebody did reply lol Anyway do you think we should wait and see until there is less bug? My shop does not have prducts yet as I have not yet done that steps but I have lost my thme normal...did not customzie the corect way to start with. any idea on how to copy my old theme?
  19. just delete the cms - lang and reload the one from your back up it did happen to me with the new version and even when you revert it it is still missing unless you replace with the old one in mrsql
  20. Ok I managed to retrieve my table and all the content from my back up but I am a bit affraid to upload it in mysql where the actaul working are located any idea on how I should precess... HEHEHEHE I found the way...deleted the table and ten uploaded the table!~! so I am back in business!!! BUT I would love some help because tomorrow I will try again the update!!!! Yes I love Prestashop!!! So as an idiot I did not create a theme folder for my customised theme and of course I woul like a bit of help on how to proceed to be able to retrieve my theme when I update for the cms thanks to me I know how I will manage!!! Tomorrow is another day and happy I will be if I can manage to update and get back to how it was but wth the new version!!!!
  21. with the update it seems it did bring some cms such as terms and conditions etc ...all my CMS are gone the links are still valid from the blockextra info but there is none of the text and image I created before the update. I wnet to my sql and under cms lang table and under content the html is there but for some reasons it does not show up the weirdest thing is I wanted to be safge and I reverted to the original prestashop folder but it is gone! online it does not exhist in back office the cms are there but the text is gone. Any clue idea would be really appreciated and I have deleted the update as I am feeling that for the moment all I want is my shop who was nearly ready! lol Also before I did that I did back up my database and downloaded the file so anyone as I clue how I can repair? Love you all if you find the solution!!!!
  22. Thanks OK I MANAGED TO UPDATE but I have lost all the text in my cms...Where is it gone!!!! I have found the text in the mysql database so it is somewhere but does not show at all it did the same thing with the editorial...What I have done was to upload my old editiorial...but now I cannot get the text from all the extra pages I have created into the old version or either the updated version I had created 136 pages so very keeen for someone to help me with that disaster!!! I should have not updated....too happy to see all the new things!!! ok because no one is online I am going to try to relaod the modules from the old version it might work !
  23. Very good Tutorial and thanks again for the freeblack template I have uploaded it on my futire website www.frozzie.com/eshop1
  24. ah oui si toi c est pas home.jpg ben tu cree ce qui est affiche ds ton tpl...
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