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  1. Hey, I think I found a bug in Prestashop 1.7 version, in /modules/baecommercetracking/views/templates/front/blockecommercetracking.tpl On line 63 it's 'price': '{$product.total_price_tax_incl|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}', I think it should be: 'price': '{$product.product_price|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}', I think that total price is the price of cart, not a single product. With "total price" you are multiplying cart value over product quantity.
  2. Before installing the module my SEO tags are ok ("alt" and "title"). After enabling the module module instead of 'alt="(some text)"' I get 'alt', the same with 'title'.
  3. Can someone confirm my problem - the module strips "title" and "alt" SEO attributes from pictures on product page.
  4. In PrestaShop 1.7 you can use: {$urls.pages.register} For registration form
  5. First of all you should not ask if anyone wants a new version, you should post it on your website for every who bought non working module. Second: I will post here fresh PS 1.7 PrestaShop with your module so anyone can test it and see if the problem exist or not. Third: you should work on replaying for PW, it looks like is way faster to get replay from you on public forum, maybe that's why you are asking for PW, so you don't have to replay and no one knows that.
  6. Look at my conversation with ndiaga... If there was no problem than what was fixed? If there was a problem than why he was not confirming/replaying that there is problem?
  7. I'm attaching "quality of paid support" - our conversation or rather my monologue about the problems with the module.
  8. I would like to warn everyone that this PAID module is not working. It's not possible to remove product from favourites from product details view. ndiaga support is near to non-existence. I will post more details (list of problems) and our PW exchange (so you can decide for yourself). I can see that he have 327 member points so he's doing someting for this community but this Favorite Products is working. Previous list of problems:
  9. My small modification, in /modules/hiaddtocartbutton/views/templates/hook/addtocartbutton.tpl after changing from {if $availability != 'available' && $availability != 'last_remaining_items'} disabled {/if}> to {if $availability != 'available' && $availability != 'last_remaining_items'} disabled > <i class="material-icons shopping-cart"></i> {l s='Out of stock' mod='hiaddtocartbutton'} {else} > <i class="material-icons shopping-cart"></i> {l s='Add To Cart' mod='hiaddtocartbutton'} {/if} You can display Out of stock text on disabled button. Demo at https://www.r24fans.pl/15-wentylatory-sufitowo-scienne
  10. The module on the first page and HiPresta website is still. 1.0.9 (not 1.0.10)
  11. I have the following suggestions: If you have to redirect user after adding product to favourites do not redirect him to main page but back to that product. It's very strange that after adding product to favourites you suddenly end up on main page without any feedback that product was added to favourites. ***This is the most frustrating thing about this module*** Removing product from product view does't work (appropriate code is missing in /modules/ns_favoriteproductspro/ns_favoriteproductspro.php, around line 206 there is no support for "Tools::getValue('action') == 'remove'") ***This is core functionality*** Removing product from account -> favourites works only every other time (I need to click twice to remove item) ***This is core functionality*** You should excluded favourite product from products suggested from previous orders. In our shop you can see product twice, one from suggestions and one from favourite list AFAIK you have some closing </div> that don't have matching opening tags. Instead of "Remove from list" use Prestashop material trash icon, less space and no need for translation. There is strange link to favourites at the bottom of page (see screen shot), UPDATE: I was able to solve that. I can provide you with polish translation and some code of my code fixes: like you cant order more products that are available in shop, +/- signs next to each product, normal footer link
  12. I was able to fix some issues with module.... It's still in progres.
  13. Yes, but it look odd, like unfinished product (work in progress). Without arrows it's less mobile friendly as the keyboard keeps poping up.
  14. We bought 4 modules (3 free + 1 paid "favourite products"). There is no download link for one of free modules. As for favourite module, why only first product have up and down buttons for quantity?
  15. Products are still in the cart, in Account settings -> Order history I see: Check if you have any orders for free modules only.
  16. If I set USA address I still can't click order confirmation. It's greyed out. Because we could not place order for free modules we were afraid that we will be unable to download paid modules.
  17. I can't buy you products if billing adress is not from US (even with paypal). Can't even download free products (cant confirm order). Contact form doesn't work.
  18. Excellent work! Demo of the module working with Prestashop https://www.r24fans.pl/39-anemostaty_nawiewnik
  19. I was able to fix "2 widget problem" by applying this fix My final footer.tpl looks like this (it's centered vertically): {* * DISCLAIMER * * Do not edit or add to this file if you wish to upgrade this module to newer * versions in the future. If you wish to customize this module for your * needs please refer to http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Overriding+default+behaviors * #Overridingdefaultbehaviors-Overridingamodule%27sbehavior for more information. * * @author Mediacom87 <[email protected]> * @copyright Mediacom87 * @license commercial license see tab in the module *} <div class="language-selector"> <div id="google_translate_element"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var duplicate_google_translate_counter = 0;//this stops google adding button multiple times function googleTranslateElementInit() {ldelim} if (duplicate_google_translate_counter == 0) { new google.translate.TranslateElement({ldelim}pageLanguage: '{if isset($lang_iso)}{$lang_iso}{else}{$language.iso_code}{/if}', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE{rdelim}, 'google_translate_element'); } duplicate_google_translate_counter++; {rdelim} </script><script type="text/javascript" src="//translate.google.com/translate_a/element.js?cb=googleTranslateElementInit"></script></div>
  20. If someone is interested you can check the demo (how the module works) on this Prestashop - R24 Fans Shop Module was moved to upper portion of the site (next to currency block), so far looks ok (sometimes there are 2 blocks to choice language, don't know why).
  21. How many errors are to be expected in current version when validating site? https://validator.ampproject.org/#url=https%3A%2F%2Fr24fans.pl
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