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  1. I wonder it's possible to disable Catalog price rules for new products? Can anyone have done this? It's really important, because new products i think doesn't always have to be on sale. What i want to say, i apply Catalog price rule for whole shop products, but i want to add exception for new products. Thank you.
  2. Hello there, I'm looking for a way to put unique classes for every top menu link(by categories id, cms id), to be able to change font color for categories trough css. I've handled with module blockcategories, but now i can't find information where to make changes and what changes to do to make it in blocktopmenu. Any help would be perfect, thank you. I'm adding image what i want to do if my explanation isn't good enough. :-)
  3. Sometimes php.ini won't allow to edit by your hosting provider and .htaccess won't work, i've used .user.ini, it helped me to solve this max_input_vars problem, just created in directory where is prestashop installed file named .user.ini and put there code max_input_vars = xxxx (where xxxx your desired number of lines how much you needed 1000, 2000, 3000 etc.).
  4. This is for your web browser (firefox) not for the shop.
  5. I think there is import from BO, where is Preferences -> Localization, in Import localization pack just select your country and click Import, them shop connects to prestashop.com site and imports i think newest localizations.
  6. I noticed that is a problem with you computer cookies or temporary internet files, i haved same problem (after upgrading to, but when i deleted cookies temps (refreshed page) everything was ok.
  7. Yeah, i haved same problem too, was worried about something wrong with my shop, but now seems to be everything ok :-) Thank you.
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