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  1. My shop's background color is not white, but some specific color. The "large" size product image defined in my shop is 360x360 and thickbox size is 900x900. When I try to upload an image size of 180x180, I see it looks like this way as shown below: I downloaded this main product image and thick box image, see they are changed to size 360x360 and 900x900. So I think, when I upload this product, those 180x180 images were processed to become 360x360 and 900x900 by adding extra pixels, those pixels are in white. Those uploaded pictures of 900x900 size are normal with white edge: I wonder if there is a way to change those additional white pixels to a customized color? so that those ugly white edge in the processed image will disappear? Thanks a lot!
  2. I need this exactly the same functionality too! Please some one help! It should be a simple job but I don't know how to.
  3. one product may have many different attributes, so here comes the "product combinations". But I found, in 'combination' tab, I can only set one price impact, for all prices of this specific product. For example: A product price like this: $30 $50 1st attribute price like this because it has a increase impact of $10: $40 $60 But I want the 1st attribute price like this: $40 $50 So actually the impact is $10 for sale price but $20 for original price. How can I do that? I think I should modify some files, but don't know what to modify. Thanks a lot if you can help!
  4. Oh forgot to paste another fetal error. on back office->modules, there is a new "my account" tag shows up that I don't know if that is new feature or due to some error it is there. click on that "my account", I have: " Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Plugin tag "dateFormat" already registered' in /space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_register.php:34 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: Smarty_Internal_Register->registerPlugin('function', 'dateFormat', Array) #1 /space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/tools/smarty/Smarty.class.php(776): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #2 [internal function]: Smarty->__call('registerPlugin', Array) #3 [internal function]: Smarty->registerPlugin('function', 'dateFormat', Array) #4 /space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_wrapper.php(77): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #5 /space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/tools/smarty/Smarty.class.php(766): Smarty_Internal_Wrapper->convert('register_functi...', Array) #6 /space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/iframe/myaccount.php(6): Smarty->__call('register_functi...', Array) #7 /space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/iframe/myaccount.p in/space/www/www.prestastore.com/data/htdocs/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_register.php on line 34 "
  5. I manually upgrade from v1.4.5.1 to v1.4.6.2 on the top of the website, when I tried to log out, I got error: " Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Operation not permitted in /home/wwwroot/ on line 1696 " and That also appears when I tried to do some other things that I did not remember exactly. I already "chmod 777" or "chmod -R 777" the corresponding folders according to prestashop permission requirement on upgrading. Please help~~! Thanks!
  6. Please take a look at the image~ My theme is showing 4 colums on the product list page. Since products in the product list page are shown every 10 items, so when products are more than 10 items, it looks weird on my product list that there are 3 rows of products, 1st 2 rows are showing 4 products and the 3rd row are showing 2 products, which makes the customer thinks that the product list is completed, while actually there is a 2nd page!
  7. I can not login to my 2nd domain now. But I tried change that setting for the 1st domain, pointing it to the 1nd domain, then there is a redirect loop. So I think you are right I should change that setting for the 2nd domain! But the problem now is how to change that? Do I have to change it in the database? I have no idea now how to change it! Thanks a lot for your information!
  8. I have two domains. I am done with the 1st domain. I want to setup the 2nd one now. I hope they look like the same and do not need much more modification, so I just copied all the files in the 1st server to the 2nd server, export the database of the 1st server then import to the 2nd server. I change the 2nd database login information like database name, password etc and change the config/settings.inc.php file in the corresponding places. So the settings are all fine. Now I want to see the 2nd domain. But it redirects to the 1st domain automatically! That is so weird. I tried to disable the 1st server then browser told me the "1st domain" is not accessable..... seems it is not trying to load from the 2nd domain at all. Please help me! Thanks a lot for reading.
  9. Nice! Wonder if v1.5 will change the logo from silly .jpg to .png or .gif?
  10. Prestashop is currently my favourite CMS after trying Zen-Cart, Ubercart with Drupal and OScommerce. But I still find some key features that are missing in Prestashop. I have some suggestion about the payment and refund basic functionality which is related to the seller's profit (we are opening stores for profit, don't we? ): about payment and refund: 1. It is a pity that Prestashop does not have a partial refund functionality: such as customer pays 500, I want to issue a partial refund of 400 due to some damage in the returned merchandise. Also, sometimes seller may want to deduct the shipping fee from refund if some product is returned but it was a free shipping item, so after it is returned, the shipping fee is to be deducted from the refund. Also it is really weird that when customer applied any discount, he is gonna have full refund instead of the actual amount he paid! 2. For paypal module: when I apply any voucher, since prestashop currently only apply the discount directly to the total, that means, the price of each item is not modified correspondingly, and paypal do not accept modification to total amount, so when customer use voucher to checkout, there is no list of items in the paypal check out page, instead, only a total. FRankly speaking, if I am the buyer to check out, I will hesitate to buy for it looks like the seller is doing something tricky and I would wonder why I can not see what I am to buy or bought from paypal order summary. So I have a suggestion that: when apply any voucher, apply to the item instead applying to the total only. Such as: if apply a percentage discount, apply directly to qualifying item; if apply a total discount like $10 off $100, and the customer is placing an order of $150, then each item will have a prorated discount applied according to its price. This may solve the problem of paypal checkout item missing and the partial refund when applying coupon. And for the manually partial refund, I strongly suggest it! Since for sellers like me, who is selling fragile merchandise or expensive handmade items, we usually do not issue full refund. There should be a place that seller can decide how much he is to refund~~we can select which items and how many we can refund, why not just adding another column to specify how much exactly I want to refund? Most seller do not guarantee the full refund, but stating they are gonna inspect the returned item then issue refund. So what if there is damage? If I refund directly from paypal, I will have no record in prestashop system, it is difficult for further reference and record. And next about shipping modules. Currently there is Fedex, UPS and USPS. There are 2 features I suggest adding: 1. Generating shipping label automatically, maybe right after payment is clear, then system can generate shipping label. 2. I am not sure if I can specify for some product, which carriers are available while othet carriers are eligible. Products in my store are pretty different from each other from prices and weight. So for some small and cheap products, I want to provide all carriers, customer make choice, while some some very expensive products, I would provide UPS and Fedex only, since I do not trust USPS's insurance. But sadly I can not at least specify that some carriers are not eligible for a specific category. And for product features, I really had a bad experience with it. They are neither ordered in a good sequence, nor are there some grouped functionality... What's more: maybe we should list vides as well as those images...look at Amazon. Their product images may contain images and videos, and also some tags......
  11. Please can anyone help? I need to bring my store online and this is the last big bug I found. I really can not resolve it. (I havr resolved a lot but this one I can hardly find any solution)
  12. I already did the following: turn on or off the cache and compile. delete all files in /smarty/compile switch to default prestashop theme. none of the above works. Thanks and please, any suggestion? It is so sad since I am planning to upload my products and bring my store online. I have to delay the online again...
  13. I almost done with my website modification but finally I found a bug that I tried to resolve a whole day with no luck. Please take a look at a sample product: http://lyramusical.com/product.php?id_product=19 The features list under "data sheet" may seem good on 1st look. Then just refresh several times, then you may find after several refresh, the data sheet is a mess: The complete features list is duplicated and the new list is 2 times the length of the original one. And the duplicated list and the original list is not in the same order! That is really weird. Actually, the duplicated list is in the correct order, the original list is incorrect! That is hard to understand. The list is not ordered as it should be in the very beginning, then after several refresh, it is duplicated and the duplicated list is in correct order. So where comes from the dis-ordered list? Why the ordered list is missing??
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