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  1. Hello, thank you for your module. I use it in my Prestashop and it works nice. I want to ask you if you can add support to set specific price without date. Second could you please add or tell me option how to delete batch specific prices? Because when I want to delete them I need to do it manually in every product. Thank you!
  2. Hello, thank you for great module! It is working on my But I have few issues: 1. After click to product link from this module like http://bezpopelniku.cz/product.php?id_product=1 I can see only 404 page. Could you please let me know how can I change code to working? For product with ID 1 the real address is: http://bezpopelniku.cz/innokin/1-test.html 2. In attributes I can see only 1 attribute, but product has 2 attributes. One is resistance (which I can see) but the other one (which is out of stock) is color, and I cannot see it. THANKS!
  3. Hi! Still do not you have any news how to improve performance of this Imagemagick solution? It is really lots of slower the GD but I love the image quality. Thanks.
  4. Hello, you can download it here http://connect.getresponse.com/integration/prestashop-plug-in i hope you can make it compatible with latest Prestashop Also it will be really nice if you can also add to module transactional data about customer orders, like: - ID order - date of order - all products purchased related to ID order - all categories of purchased products related to ID order - price per product - total price of order - currency of order Thank you very much! Best regards, Jan
  5. For me works: 1. Copy to FTP and install version of module 1.3 2. Copy to FTP new version of module 1.4 and owerite all files of 1.3 version of module 3. That is it!
  6. Hello, Do you have any news? I still have errors when I try to regenerate thumbnails and also speed issues. Errors are about max execution time limit (which is in my hosting 90s) but the script is working only about 10s. This is really random. Sometimes it is gointg to max limit 90s but sometimes it stops about 10 seconds from the begin.
  7. I hope there will be some optimizations and also the problem with randomly max execution time will be solved too .
  8. Hi pedroserapio. Thank you very much for your solution . I have to tell you that it just works! The only problem I have is the speed of your solution. It is 2 - 3 times slower then previos GD library. Do you see some parts of code which should be more optimized for speed? Or you think the ImageMagick is generally slower then GD (I do not think so). EDIT: There is also another problem. Sometimes when I try to regenerate thumbnails with your modification I have error message on white blank page. The error is about max execution time 90s on line 88 (which is set by my provider to php). But this error happens only after about 30s (so not after 90s). So actually there should be some problem. It happens only sometimes not always.
  9. I am also interested about solution how to change GD library to ImageMagick library in Prestashop. The best will be some module or full working solution for latest version of Prestashop
  10. Hello. I applied your fix to my Prestashop but I have also only white screen now (for BO and for FO too). So I tried to revert back original file but the problem with only white screen is still here. How is that possible? Do you have any recommendations for fix this issue? EDIT: I fixed this issue! If you have same problem like me only just delete file cache/class_index.php
  11. Hello. I have the problem when I can see faint grey lines on white background of jpg product images (in BO I set 95% jpg quality but there is no difference when I set 100% quality, problem is still there). It is really hardly to notice this problem but the problem exist. The problem only afects resized images. For me I cannot see the problem on big thickbox images (1200x800px) becuase my original uploaded file has same dimensions like thickbox. But I can see it in all resized product images like large product image in product page (560x420px) but also I can see it on other smaller products images (in category, etc.). But it seems that some LCDs show this lines more visible and some do not (is is really really hard to see them). I checked original picture (jpg) by Photoshop color picker and all white places in original picture are #ffffff. So then I upload the product image to my e-shop and after that I downloaded picture from my e-shop (right click to image in Chrome browser) where I can see that grey lines (original image which is in my computer has only #ffffff background color) and checked it with Photoshop color picker. And I found the reason! The all white background (#ffffff) was split to two colors which alternate with each other: #ffffff and #fefefe! So that is the reason why there are grey lines. So please fix this issue. This is the proof that Prestashop by its own compression/resize changing the white background color #ffffff to two colors #ffffff and #fefefe. Also I noticed that in Chrome it is more visible then in Microsoft Edge or Firefox. The fix from Prestashop team will be really nice. I think it is really problem in compresion/resize of uploaded pictures which did Prestashop. My version of Prestashop is I uploaded also 2 files. One is the original picture and the second is the Prestashop resized picture used for large products in my e-shop (but same problem is for all resized product pictures by Prestashop). You can try it by color picker in Photoshop. Slowly drag the color picker on white background and in Prestashop resized image you will see that color is changing from #ffffff to #fefefe and vice versa. In original picture you can see the color picker shows only #ffffff color.
  12. Hello, I am in latest version of Prestashop 1.6.1. I have a bug in BO in Customer section. I open some customer from customer section in BO. I can see vouchers related to this customer but I cannot see the status of vouchers. So I do not know if customer used some voucher or the voucher has not been used. If I want to know if voucher is still available for customer I need to open this voucher. On screenshot I marked this arrea by red rectangle. Is there some solution how to fix this bug? Thank you.
  13. I will really like solution like wrote divercz too. Is it possible to do it like that?
  14. Yes, I want to know it too. Do you anybody know how to do that?
  15. Hi, I have exactly same problem but in all web browsers. "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save adresses Details: Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest] Text status: parsererror" I am on Prestashop default AddressController.php
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