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  1. Hello team, I have uploaded an instance of working prestashop store (to daily razor) at http://trial.retailware.info/websites/sarda/index.php , changed all required settings (I think...) but when I browse to http://trial.retailware.info/websites/sarda/index.php, it shows the following message "Cannot write temporary file C:\Windows\Temp\cla13CA.tmp". Event after given the all permissions to the main folder, I am seeing the same error, I am not getting where and why this application is trying to write the file at C:\Windows\temp. Please help how to resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance, Navnath Lanke
  2. Hi all, I want to design a web site for Jewellery business, but unlike the ready made websites currently on prestashop for jewellery business, I want to add some fields in Product table such as Gross, Other, Net, Fine these are nothing but the weights of a single product which are very essential to describe the product and for calculations of price of the product. Do i need to change the code in prestashop pages or is there any provision to accomplish this? can any one please help me on this topic, will be very thank full to him/her. Thank you, Navnath Lanke
  3. Hi, I am very new to PHP. We are using VB.Net as the main developement language. I have created a web application using Prestashop, It works very fine. Now I want to use the web services provided by prestashop in dot net, but I am not able to add a reference of web service. Can anybody tell me how I can use these web services in dot net. Thanks in advance
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