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  1. Hi, Please don't worry about finding a solution to this. I got a web developer to fix it for me. Kind regards Mark http://www.printdesigns.com
  2. Hi, Just thought I would bump this post back to the top. I have dug-around and can't find the solution, I hope someone can help me :-) Mark http://www.printdesigns.com
  3. Hi, I wondered if anyone can help me. In the back-end of Prestashop you ca upload attachments such as instructions that can be downloaded from the front-end by customers. At present the max size is 2000KB (2MB) but I have some instruction files that are larger than this. Can anyone advise if it is possible to increase this max filesize limit. I looked and I could not see a module that controls this. Best regards Mark
  4. Perfect :-) I just tried this and it works great! Now I just need to figure out how to set the order of each product within that category. The prefix thing does not work (they display) and I cannot see anything obvious. Maybe I cannot see the wood for the trees!
  5. Hi, Can anyone advise how I change the order of products in a category. Kind regards mark www.printdesigns.com
  6. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your fast reply. as I thought, it looks like we have to use the prefix work-around and live with the number in front of each category title. Kind regards Mark Thompson www.printdesigns.com
  7. Hi all, This is my first post and I hope someone can help. We are setting up our first Prestashop e-store and I am in the process of adding products. One thing I am stuck with is how to change the order of categories. For example, in the category:- http://www.printdesigns.com/5-pop-up-stands I want to display the Quick Fix Stands, then the Express Stands, then the Spider stands. I know I could put a prefix, 1.Quickfix stands, 2.Express stands which would force the categories into the order I want but this would look a little messy I think. Any advice would be appreciated. Mark Thompson
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