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  1. Hi all, I found a thread addressing my problem, but the solution didn't work for me. The users of my site are leaving the default attribute (size, snap color) selected when adding a product to the cart (from the product page). I would like to warn them when this happens, and force them to choose an attribute. I found this resource for adding a java script alert: http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/content/7-default-attribute-alert And added all the code. But it changed nothing for me. I'm using the Black & White theme. My url is: http://urbanlacejewelry.com/ Anyone tried this with the Black & White theme? Do you think this is the problem, that the code is for the default prestashop theme? I don't know what else it could be. Any help, as always, greatly appreciated!
  2. Ok, but what if you want to alert a user that a product has attributes (size, color) on the product page? Add to cart is hidden on my category pages, but users are still ordering products from the product page while leaving the default color selected. I'd like an alert to show if the user leaves the default options. Here is an example from my website: http://urbanlacejewelry.com/bracelets/3-bracelet-3.html Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Hey, SSNet, I got it! Go to BO/Modules tab. Find the CMS Block under Front Office Features, click configure. There is where I found the new page I created wasn't selected to be displayed in the footer. Strange. But I just ticked the box and now it displays fine. Hope it works for you.
  4. I'm having the same problem and would also really like to hear of any solution.
  5. OK! I figured it out! Under Shipping/Weight Ranges, when you create or edit a range, the first number in the range is included and the second number is excluded. I hadn't noticed before. My problem was that I started with 0 - 1 lbs. Now I have this: 1 - 2 lbs = $5 2 - 3 lbs = $8 3 - 4 lbs = $11 And it's calculating correctly!
  6. [edit] I managed to solve my problem on my own. I explained it, if anyone else needs to know. Hi Dave, Considering you are so generous with help on shipping problems (which is fantastic!), could you please have a look at my post on this thread? http://www.prestasho...__fromsearch__1 It's in regard to shipping by number of items ordered, by setting up shipping by weight. I'd really appreciate it!
  7. You should be able to do this by setting up shipping by weight. You have to assign each product with a weight of 1. Then go through and set up the weight ranges, zones, countries, carriers and all that. I say should because I'm trying to do the same thing and am having trouble getting it to calculate correctly. Each product is set to 1 lbs. My shipping rate is $5 for the first item, and $3 for each additional item. I tried two sets of weight ranges. One was: 0 - 1 lbs. = $5 1 -2 lbs. = $8 2 - 3 lbs. = $11 etc. Set up like this, though, it was rounding up to $11 for only two items. There's an overlap, you see, between two ranges, so it rounds up. I tried to solve this problem by setting up weight ranges to this: 0 - 1 lbs. = $5 1.1 -2 lbs. = $8 2.1 - 3 lbs. = $11 etc. So there should be no over lap, right? But set up this way, it just rounds up to the largest set weight range. Which is 10 - 10,000 lbs = $35. Oh, and in Carriers I set up a new carrier that should apply to the two zones I have (US and International), it's the only carrier activated, Status, Apply Shipping Cost, Shipping & Handling are all activated, and Billing is set to according to weight. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? I can't figure it out.
  8. In the back office catalog, in your product, in combinations, right under the tab, you should find this line: Add or modify combinations for this product - Product combinations generator. There you can select all the attributes you've set up already. Does anyone know how to control the order of the attributes in the front end pull down list? For example, I have XS, S, SM, M, ML, L, LM, XL, XXL. But in my site, it automatically orders the list alphabetically. I can't find this topic anywhere. Any help much appreciated!
  9. Hi, I never found a way to do this from the Back Office, either. I solved the issue by replacing the images in blackwhite/modules/editorial/images. Just give the new images the same names as the old ones. If anyone knows how to adjust the timing on this slide show, I would love to know! I tried adjusting the timeout value in the jquery_002.js file, but it wouldn't work. Changing the speed of the transition from one slide to the next worked, but not the duration of each slide. I'd like it to be a little faster.
  10. Is there really no way to do this through the Back Office? I found something called the Footer Links Block in the user guide where one should be able to manage these links, but I can't find such a module in my BO.
  11. Hi, I'm currently having problems with this, too. When I add attributes to a product, and then select an attribute (ex. size) on the product page, a little green arrow appears under the thumbnails with a "Display all pictures" link, while hiding all but one of the thumbnails. I don't want this to happen, no hiding of thumbnails, no little green arrow. But how to select all images with the Product combinations generator??
  12. Brilliant, reprapperMC! I have another question about this. I'm using a free theme that is compatible with version 1.4.3. What happens when I update? Will that theme still work in later versions, or do you need to update your theme when updating the version of prestashop?
  13. Curt! Thanks so much for the video tutorial! I used it to take out the short descriptions on my home page (though I needed to used the feturedhome file in my template, not the main prestashop folder), and then used what I learned to fix another problem. Really great stuff!
  14. I have category pages, accessed through a horizontal menu, with grids of photos. Right now there is a category title, ex. "Bracelets", and the text underneath: There are 5 products. This title and info text are the only thing in my left column and I want it out! I also want the grid of images to be aligned vertically with the other elements on the left side of the page. The only thing I can find that relates to it is the css, but I don't want to style it, I want to remove it. I hope that makes sense. Please help!
  15. Oh, dang! What a cliff hanger. I'm trying now to get rid of the "Sort by" field as well. Would love to have a tip!
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