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  1. No idea still.. I got this reply: Hello, This seems to be an issue with PrestaShop's compatibility with PHP 5.3.2 servers. I suggest you contact PrestaShop support if the current version that you have supports this version of PHP servers. And he still talk about this, but can not find this code. When you connect to your webspace, browse through the config folder and from there you can find the file named 'config.inc.php'. Inside that file, on line 4 you can find this: @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); Comment that out or delete this for the error to appear in your site.
  2. After much trial and error where I removed define('_COOKIE_IV_', 'RYOH64dV'); I suddenly got into admin page.. So backoffice work now. but not my main shop page..
  3. I did try to add this line: @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); Then I got this, but not sure if it is the new line that made the error. Fatal error: Uncaught XML_Feed_Parser_Exception: Invalid input: this is not valid XML in /customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/modules/blockrss/blockrss.php on line 106 Exception trace# Function Location 0 XML_Feed_Parser->__construct('<!DOCTYPE html P…') /customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/modules/blockrss/blockrss.php:106 1 Blockrss->hookLeftColumn(Array) unknown:unknown 2 call_user_func(Array, Array) /customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/classes/Module.php:421 3 Module::hookExec('lef in /customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/tools/pear_xml_parser/Parser.php on line 101
  4. Suddenly last friday my webshop was a blank page. After lot of e-mails back and forth from one.com (trying to blame my php coding) I tried to backup via ftp and then upload a clean That worked like a charm.. But when trying to upload the settings.inc.php I got the error. I get no error message except: ------- This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that there is a server problem on the site you visit, which prevents the site is displayed correctly. ------- So I had not much to go for.. One.com still tell me it might be php error, but I have done nothing to my prestashop since last upgrade. They also told me to: Dear Kenneth, Thank you for contacting One.com In /config/config.inc.php, please comment out or delete the row: @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); For the errors to be enabled on your page, from there we can see where the issue is . For any further inquiries feel free to get back to us. One.Com Support, ----------- That did not help me much either, since there is no code like that in the file... So what to do? I have been without my webshop for almost a week now. I need a solution. Here is my config.inc.php file.. logins/servernames are blanked out with **** <?php define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/'); define('_THEME_NAME_', 'prestashop'); define('_DB_NAME_', '********'); define('_DB_SERVER_', 'localhost'); define('_DB_USER_', '*******'); define('_DB_PREFIX_', 'PS_'); define('_DB_PASSWD_', '*******'); define('_DB_TYPE_', 'MySQL'); define('_COOKIE_KEY_', 'Rq0JJzOCoOYjCDnn3TLscgvuNKVhk9mrYT8QCJ2d3iF240wacvhddcId'); define('_COOKIE_IV_', 'RYOH64dV'); define('_PS_VERSION_', ''); ?>
  5. Is this creditcard payment secure?.. I don`t need https: ?
  6. AWESOME.. It works here also just by changing the SMTP settings like that.. Super happy. Almost deserve a sticky for this.. Like www.one.com solution for mail
  7. Downgraded to 1.2.5 and see how it works. Only sad part is I wanted SSL now on my prestashop but my domain provider www.one.com don`t have that.
  8. It was probably 1-2 weeks ago I started notice the problem. Before I only had a few problems, but now it is full stop. I also started a week ago to get paypal payment error on some orders and error when adding tracking number on shipped orders.
  9. I got one.com also. I tried to set from php mail to smtp settings and instead using the e-mail I have on one.com and my domain. 1 error an error occurred while sending e-mail to the customer This is all I get when sending message to the customer trough the order contact
  10. Me neither.. Not getting any messages trough contact form or when order are placed. Also can`t uninstall the module --- PS!.. Could I add CancelOrder in one line and it would e-mail when it works about cancelled orders?? public function install() { if (!parent::install() OR !$this->registerHook('newOrder') OR !$this->registerHook('updateQuantity') OR !$this->registerHook('productOutOfStock') OR !$this->registerHook('customerAccount') OR !$this->registerHook('updateProduct') OR !$this->registerHook('updateProductAttribute') ) return false;
  11. Still not working.. So I have to manually go into the order line on my webshop from time to time to see if anyone placed an order. something else bugging me also are that I can`t separate e-mail when out of stock and when an order is placed. I have one e-mail for ordering and another for stock since a 3rd party company do the shipping they don`t need to know when my shop is out of stock. They are not managing the webshop.
  12. When I cancel the product they go away like they should.. But shipping is still there so the order don`t go in 0usd. This is a problem for me because I don`t want to have the cancelled products interfere with statistics. Also, is there a way to make cancelled product generate an mail with this because I use a 3rd party storage/shipping company that get the orders on e-mail, but not when it is cancelled.
  13. Still got this when I try to uninstall.. Now with 1.2.5 final. The following module(s) were not installed successfully: mailalerts Also uplodaded the one you attatched now, but still can`t uninstall. I`ll try to send some messages trough the webshop and make test orders just to see what happen now.
  14. Mail alerts v2.2 Sends e-mails notifications to customers and merchants >> Configure I have the problem where I got no messages with mailalerts. Not messages from customers trough the website or when order are placed. I had it working before when I had the 1.2.2 version, but after some time I got no messages.. Then unstable.. and now nothing. Yesterday I upgraded to 1.3 alpha 1 to see if it would be solved, but no. I also try to uninstall the module and try to install it again, but then I get this error: The following module(s) were not installed successfully: mailalerts And when I check the module it is still installed, just with no e-mail address and settings. Please help..
  15. I upgraded yesterday because I started to have some e-mail problems and paypal error couple of times for some weeks ago. Since I upgraded to 1.3 alpha 1 to test if that would help I have had 3 paypal error last night from customer placing orders. Starting to to be irritating. Also Paypal do not show any item, qty on what is purchased like before. Also e-mail notification stopped working some time before I upgraded. That is also one reason I tried to upgrade. Warning: $183.91 paid instead of $223.00 ! Original cart: Cart #004744 Payment mode: PayPal (paypal) Products $223.00 Shipping $0.00 Total $223.00 (Paid: $183.91) Warning: $183.91 paid instead of $223.00 ! Original cart: Cart #004756 Payment mode: PayPal (paypal) Products $670.00 Shipping $0.00 Total $670.00 (Paid: $468.53) Warning: $41.26 paid instead of $59.00 ! Original cart: Cart #004758 Payment mode: PayPal (paypal) Products $50.00 Shipping $9.00 Total $59.00 (Paid: $41.26)
  16. I also notice now that under Module I get this: Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/modules//index.php/index.php.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/customers/augdal.net/augdal.net:/var/www/diagnostics:/usr/share/php) in /customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/classes/Module.php on line 347
  17. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Policy restriction in effect. The fifth parameter is disabled on this system in /customers/augdal.net/augdal.net/httpd.www/tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php on line 160 I have been running this for a long time now with no issues. Running Version - 0.172s Suddenly now when I want to put in shipping tracking number I get this message. Setting status to shipped and payment received give no error. but when the webshop want to send e-mail to the customer with the tracking number there are some fault. what could it be?
  18. I am also looking for something similar.. I want to have free shipping exluded if a customer choose special products. Now my store www.augdal.net have free shipping for order over 200usd. But for some products we can`t have this and when customer choose this I want free shipping to not apply. I have somewhat made a solution by having Attributes and groups on this product: http://www.augdal.net/product.php?id_product=188&id_lang=1 But this would not be a good solution since adding more then one product would give a very high shipping cost for the customer.
  19. After lot of thinking how I could provide best correct prices and all for different regions. I was thinking how nice it would be to have the possibility to show products for only certain countries. So let us say I have one price included shipping for something to Norway.. But the price is different if you are from Europe. Then I could have one product with price for Norway.. then the same product with different price for Europe. Any possibility for this now of is this some idea for the future. Some products is not possible to ship out of Norway either.. So that is also why I would like this.
  20. Yeah.. Something have to be done. Some sort of option to calculate according to package size and weight. Also have the option to tick off "free shipping" for special parts would also be great.
  21. Why not implement both? Shipping from Asia (EMS and Airmail) have price depending on price AND weight. Same is with Norway.. Some packages got up to 10kilo, but only if it is not exceeding a length. If it is over that length or width it is a different price. So for me the shipping calculator is WAY to simple to have good enough automatic shipping price. what is needed from me is add weight on special products so it would cover the cost, but this might be wrong if you add 2 of these products.. Then it should be maybe 5$ extra, instead of 10$ or more.
  22. Since much postal these days is not just weight, but a combination of size and weight. Are there any possibility to have this in prestashop?.. Maybe others could post here to show that more people want this feature?..
  23. Not sure if i understood that one entirely. Replace id_cms=3 with the id of the page you want to display (find it on the Tools > CMS page). You could replace the entire url too if you wanted. Would this make the Terms of service to link to a page?.. But how would that work if I have different languages. I would like to have Terms of Service in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and have it change automatic like all other language in my shop.
  24. Thank you :-D.. Is it much differ really from TW and CN?
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