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  1. What is the best code to use with prestashop and paypal? There is an number iso code, 2-letter short iso code and a long iso code. would paypal recognize all types? also do anyone know if states/provinces also have a number code and/or short iso code? ISO Code, ISO Short, ISO Long ? 392 JP JPN
  2. Huh?.. Fake addresses? The address in prestashop or your paypal account?
  3. I have this issue with Japan. I have added states, but I think since prestasho do not accept 5 letter/number ISO code for the state (JP-23 as an example) it would show up an error with paypal. since the ISO codes are not correct paypal would not identify. My guess. I tried to add JP23 without the - but it seems it does not do the trick. If someone know how to make prestashop to accept 5 letter instead of 4 letter that would probably fix things.
  4. It seems I got the same issue. Also in prestashop it say 1-5 number ISO code, but it only accept 4 letter/numbers. If I enter the code JP-23 it would only show JP-2 when I save. I have tried to enter JP23 now, but I got an error from a japanese customer saying he can`t pay in paypal possible since the ISO address don`t match the region code for where he live. Return to Merchant. Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be shipped to that address.
  5. Anyone???.. Really need help here. Can`t seems to find what causing it. I also got an paypal error showing then people order. Verification failure (using cURL). Returned: cURL error:couldn't connect to hostThe PayPal transaction could not be VERIFIED.
  6. Before I upgraded last time it show both the reference code and product name showed up when I received the order e-mail. Now only the product name show, and the reference is blank. I know there are code both on reference and supplier reference, so it should show when people order. So is this a bug, or something new I need to do after the upgrade? Powered by PrestaShop™ [ forum & contact ] - Version - 1.885s
  7. I get an error when trying to place order using express checkout.. what could it be? 01.Making new connection to 'api-3t.paypal.com/nvp' 02.Connect with CURL method sucessfull 03.Sending this params: 04.METHOD=SetExpressCheckout&VERSION=53.0&PWD;=*********&USER=RL8B2NQ2WZG2AS7E&SIGNATURE;=*********&Amt=388&PAYMENTACTION=Sale&ReturnUrl=https://www.ratech.com.tw/store/modules/paypalapi/payment/submit.php?fromPayPal=1&CANCELURL=https://www.ratech.com.tw/store/order.php&CURRENCYCODE=USD&NOSHIPPING=1&SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole&LANDINGPAGE=Billing&LOCALECODE=en&HDRIMG=https://www.paypal.com/zh_XC/i/btn/btn_xpressCheckout.gif 05.Send with CURL method failed ! Error: couldn't connect to host 06.Connect failed with fsockopen method 07.PayPal response: 08.0 -> 09.-> 10.PayPal returned error
  8. It would be great to have an option like Currency where you could tell it to translate into one language when so and so settings are set in the browser. Like that I could put all chinese and taiwan language settings in a browser and make that = Chinese traditional also to have different variations of Norwegian.. like Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk in browser settings = Norwegian. It would let the translation part set itself after browser languages instead of IP address. It would be a lot better since you could have French people living in other countries and having a French language settings on his computer, but having an IP address from US or other country.
  9. I am adding more languages later and instead of going in each product at backoffice, are there any file on the server I could download and edit direct to each language file, or do I need to download an SQL table and edit there?
  10. I got it to work now. I pasted the code one more time in the header.php and uploaded it one time more. And suddenly it works now. Only thing not working are when I put IE to Taiwan language. zh-TW. This would not have the language change automatic. Maybe because the language code in IE and Prestashop are different?.. Prestashop have TW isocode, while IE have zh-TW
  11. Does anyone else then presto-changeo website got this working? I notice the http://www.presto-changeo.com give me the page in German since I set the language in IE to German. but my own webpage don`t change.. and the http://www.catalogo-onlinersi.com.ar site open in english also.. So does not redirect to German. I added the code and don`t have any error messages on the page.
  12. So then I need a new host then.. They don`t offer SSL :-S
  13. Worked with my uhupage theme also .. thank you. :-D.. Not sure why it came up with that 10usd shipping all the time
  14. I get som irritating wrong valued shipping price when adding a product and then going to CART. If I choose CHECKOUT and proceed to shipping I get the correct value. I have no shipping value with that value of 10usd. I have airmail 9usd.. No extra fee added in the shop. EMS lowest value are like 28usd. Would like to either get this corrected, or to just remove the shipping value when going to the shopping cart.
  15. I want to implement Paypal express checkout in my prestashop webshop. Is this the module " PayPalAPI v1.0 Accepts payments by PayPal using API" ??
  16. hmm.. Would it be possible to make it pull the text from external files that are named instock_en / outofstock_en.php or .xml ?? That way I could have one for each language and get a default text. Is it also possible to have it pull with it all text/media to all languages that is from Short description: and Description: when making a new product?.. just like it does for Name: Supplier Reference: and other. This would make it easy to make the products first, and then start translate each product after. This is because I get external people translate after I mad the product. what I need to do today is to copy/paste for each description field when making a new product.
  17. Is it possible to set a default text that would be when I create a product.. I am soo tired of writing each of these texts in 4 different languages when they are supposed to be exactly the same on all products. So are there any hidden buttons I have not seen yet? or maybe some place in php, tpl, sql I could do some editing after or before? Displayed text when in-stock: Displayed text when allowed to be back-ordered: When out of stock: Same is when adding pictures or video on a product. why can`t they just copy themselves like the text for a product when I create them?.. Could I also there edit something in a php,tpl,sql to make this happen?
  18. sebastiann.. If you use a Swedish company and that is fast and reliable.. what is the company and how much do you pay for it?.. and off course.. does it work fast with latest prestashop?
  19. For me it seems there might be a bug in the latest prestashop since it is so much more slow and unstable then 1.2.5
  20. I also have a lot of problems with slow webshop and many times not loading at all.. I had no problem running 1.2.5, but now I have lot of problems with loading time on my front office
  21. I need a new hosting company, but I need one that is not overpriced and don`t have a limit for how many gb or whatever traffic I could have each month. I do NOT need e-mail, super large storage space, fancy online webdesign service or any 24hour support line.. I just need to have my prestashop running good and stable. i have www.one.com so far, and it have been working ok, but sometimes it is really unstable. Anyone got something good? My limit is around 100usd a year for this.
  22. not sure what causing it.. Now I am not so sure it is the sql anymore. I have done a fresh install and build the shop almost from scratch. the shop works fine and I am starting to add category/subcategory and products.. now suddenly when I was going to check my frontpage at the shop it don`t want to load it. backoffice works fine though.
  23. Does prestashop have some cache directory or files that is stored on the ftp that I could try to delete?
  24. I install a fresh install, and then carefully import table after table with important data like carrier, orders, products and stuff I really need. After some time I suddenly have a non-loading page of my webshop. So I remove the whole sql database and import my backed up one that I made of the fresh installed webshop. Strangely I still get a non-loading page after this. Even though I have removed and restored a "fresh" database. Backoffice work perfectly.. So no error there. Even when I uninstall ALL of my modules this happen In FF I get this message, while in IE I get no message, just a blank neverending loading page. The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. * This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
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