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  1. When upgrading and changing to another host, I suddenly found out that all my order history pdf (invoice pdf) are missing. Where are those located? Do I miss some files when I copy over my shop to another domain?
  2. I installed it with the first file at the top, but I do not get any background, icons or anything. Just text. Also I have cart, and your account. I just want it just as simple like the one you have on the screenshot. It would work perfect with my layout for the shop where I want a banner on top.
  3. I have had some bad backups from prestashop where I am not able to import them because of some size limit on my host when trying to import the backed up sql from prestashop. This has led to several split backup where I have tried to have the larger sql files backed up as single backup files. Like ps_pagenotfound.sql that was around 175mb. But do I really need that file? or what about other files from the sql. Do I really need all of them to restore my shop? Because as I see it, I would need customers, order history from them with all information needed. Like invoice for all of the orders they had. password for the customers. I do NOT need so much employee. (If I do a fresh install and want to build up my shop again it is not that vital to have this.. I just put them back again) I DO need category build, products, shipping cost, product pictures and other stuff that takes really long time to rebuild. To have my paypal settings saved is not what I would call critical. Ok to have, yes, but not critical. Another thing might be positioning of modules. I do not really need to backup that if I had a major crash. I could always positioning them back like I want them. Or I find with a new upgrade some new modules I rather want instead. So do someone here got a list of the really, really needed sql files that I would need to save my shop.
  4. Not sure if this is related to upgrade or not, but now I got an paypal error. I have tried different settings and checked e-mail settings, api login/psw and other things. Anyone else got some paypal issues lately? Have not a clue what it could be. Are there some files in the module directory that need to have write permission 777?
  5. I still have this problem..
  6. I got so many bugs and errors from trying to upgrade, so I installed a fresh webshop with a fresh database name. So now I am going to delete parts of the fresh database to import important data from the older shop. The old are and the new one are 1.4.1. I hope they are similar enough to do this cloning. So the important to know is what to copy? I need categories, products, pictures, shipping weight and cost, order history, customer information and similar. Anyone done this before and know what to copy over?
  7. Also getting this, but not sure if it is an error. When people write a message with his/her order it does not say this message. PayPal response: TIMESTAMP -> 2011-03-31T22:54:41Z TRANSACTIONID -> 7MR4469892889541K TRANSACTIONTYPE -> expresscheckout PAYMENTTYPE -> instant ORDERTIME -> 2011-03-31T22:54:40Z AMT -> 91.00 FEEAMT -> 3.21 TAXAMT -> 0.00 CURRENCYCODE -> USD PAYMENTSTATUS -> Completed PENDINGREASON -> None REASONCODE -> None PROTECTIONELIGIBILITY -> Ineligible INSURANCEOPTIONSELECTED -> false SHIPPINGOPTIONISDEFAULT -> false Order finished with PayPal!
  8. wow.. I am actually missing a lot of tabs under Catalog.. What is the direct link in your browser when you choose that tab?
  9. I now enabled guest account and then it made a new account without any problems. I can`t see anywhere some option to purchase without an account even with guest account enabled.
  10. When I export my table it look like this: -- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump -- version 2.6.2-pl1 -- http://www.phpmyadmin.net -- -- Host: localhost -- Generation Time: Mar 22, 2011 at 04:30 AM -- Server version: 5.0.22 -- PHP Version: 5.2.3 -- -- Database: `ratechcomtw` -- -- -------------------------------------------------------- -- -- Table structure for table `ps_stock_mvt_reason` -- CREATE TABLE `ps_stock_mvt_reason` ( `id_stock_mvt_reason` int(11) NOT NULL, `sign` tinyint(1) NOT NULL, `date_add` datetime NOT NULL, `date_upd` datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id_stock_mvt_reason`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; -- -- Dumping data for table `ps_stock_mvt_reason` -- INSERT INTO `ps_stock_mvt_reason` (`id_stock_mvt_reason`, `sign`, `date_add`, `date_upd`) VALUES (3, -1, '2011-03-20 01:59:24', '2011-03-20 01:59:24'), (4, -1, '2011-03-20 01:59:24', '2011-03-20 01:59:24'), (5, 1, '2011-03-20 01:59:24', '2011-03-20 01:59:24'), (1, 1, '2011-03-20 01:59:38', '2011-03-20 01:59:38'), (2, -1, '2011-03-20 01:59:38', '2011-03-20 01:59:38');
  11. Could someone export a good table with this fix and upload it for download ? I am not very good in sql editing..
  12. Same like me then.. hmm.. I only had this error when i upgraded. Maybe that is some tabs :-( I wonder if I could get the Admin catalog from a working shop and copy it over my shop
  13. Alright.. found the sql table and removed the auto increment.. this was easy. But from phpmy4612 that I use I am not sure how to create a record with the =0 and sign =1
  14. What menu/tab/option and where is it located? BO -> catalog-> stock movement -> scroll down to the bottom uhm.. I don`t have a tab to choose under catalog that is called stock movement.
  15. I got these messages trough the webshop from customers wanting to make a new account. What in %"%& could this issue be? Anyone else got this problem? I use the latest v1.4 upgrade.
  16. got same error, I want to revert to previous version. How? Check here for a temp fix.. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/97821/upgrading_prestashop/v1_dot_4_error_dot__dot__dot__fatal_error_stockmvt__id_stock_mvt_reason__1/
  17. Great.. For me Stock Movement: increase also helped. I got now update without any problems. Just hope someone find a permanent fix for this..
  18. Fail to change location on product. If a product are located in Home and a subcategory and I try to remove them from either I get this error message and nothing are changed: Fatal error (StockMvt -> id_stock_mvt_reason = -1) I also tried to add a location for the product to another subcategory just for testing with same result. It seems there is some error with a sql location probably. Anyone else have this problem? I have the version of prestashop..
  19. I got Fatal error (StockMvt -> id_stock_mvt_reason = -1) when removing HOME from a product while the main location for the product was in another subcategory and should not really be an issue.
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