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  1. Hi, just delete/rename email template in ftp /mails/lc/order_changed.html and .txt (lc = language code). Tested on PrestaShop™
  2. Layered navigation - disable ajax pagination

    Hi, maybe you should try to share code which you already created/edited(list of changes) to be able to review it. Thanks
  3. AJAX button - Show more products

    I found similar module http://prestadev.ru/addons/front-office-features/184-podgruzka-tovarov-pri-prokrutke-stranicy.html but also it's not button.
  4. AJAX button - Show more products

    Hi, it looks fine, but it's automatically loading products, what means my footer will be not visible. I want to create button for loading more products. And also 80euros it's too much for such a simple feature. Thanks.
  5. Hi, do you know how to add at the bottom of category page ajax button "Show more products" ? To load next 10products.. Thanks.
  6. Sort by from dropdown to buttons

    Maybe I should show what exactly I want to do, here is screenshot:
  7. Sort by from dropdown to buttons

    Hi, i need something how to change it to a href. But thanks, I really appreciate your help Thanks.
  8. Sort by from dropdown to buttons

    Any advise ?
  9. Sort by from dropdown to buttons

    Hi, I'm using 1.5.4. and template is leoconverse by http://www.leotheme.com/. But if you can provide some solution for default theme it will be also OK. Thanks.
  10. Hi, is there some way how to change products sort by from dropdown list to urls/buttons ? Thanks.
  11. Custom invoice

    Hi, I need to get 4 lines of text under the logo, but I don't have any idea how to do that. Can someone help me ?
  12. I tried to copy product.tpl a product.js from PS theme it works good, but than i lost all changes in product.tpl.. here is link on my product.tpl/.js could you try to find problem ? http://www.kupelnehappy.sk/product.rar
  13. In second package is one tax inculed and second without taxes.. In thirhd package it is two without taxes and one with tax.
  14. PrestaShop™ 1.4.3 http://www.kupelneha...-333x333cm.html Yes