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  1. Suddenly, my blockstore module only shows up in one of the three shops i'm setting up in multistore mode in presta I tried everything: uninstall totally, for all shops and hooks and reinstall, to no avail. The thing is, the live edit system shows the module is there, but empty. In normal view, the module just doesnt seems to exist. I had touched the tpl file, and only that one, as an override from my theme. i deleted that override also to leave standard module, to no avail I researched the database, and the module is there listed, active in all shops and with the right hooks... how come it only shows up in one shop? Any clue, hint or suggestions will be very welcome, I'm totally numb now ty all
  2. Me gustaría usar esto, pero mi duda es el post de lacompania que dice: "Esta consulta está mal: UPDATE `country` SET active=0 WHERE id_country NOT IN (6);" ¿Es cierto? Si es así, ¿cómo se arregla? Por cierto, nadie, grandísima idea lo de la lista de aportes
  3. tried in 1.5.2, all well thanks vekia for this loved the "orgullosamente desarrollado por..." ps: I would love a version with a 'Delete all current orders' option. Better for mass elimination of fake orders before production. Anyway, thanks again.
  4. I can't edit friendly urls. If I go to Product->Ipod Shuffle and I want to change its friendly url to Ipod Wuffle Prestashop will accept and save. But if I come back, the original url is restored. What happens? Cant I do this? Afterwards I made some changes following another thread (and a prestashop github recipe, but nothing changed. Any ideas? Thanks ps I have prestashop 1.5.2 raw install, out of the box, no changes, everything default
  5. funny thing, i had the same issue when I installed the latest 1.5.2 version, so I'm currently with a 1.5.2 version I downloaded a month ago wich has different issues, but not so critical. What is no joke is this: I have two 1.5.2 versions with different authentication.tpl files, with same file version number and different content. And both give different problems. The guys at Presta gonna have a nightmare sorting bugs, as same versions give different behavior.... and users are lost in a maze, too bad
  6. Nobody gets this error? What I get is a correct but empty form wherever I try to 'update' an existing address, what could cause this?
  7. The thing is, i cannot get to the 'update address' part of the 'my account' options in the Front Officce. I mean, i can update an address, but i have to fill all the fields, because they are all empty. I need a clue as to what is happening. I have a clean install of P 1.5.2. I made some modifications, but tried to restore them. Maybe i forgot something. WHAT HAPPENS. I login an existing or new user. I go to my account->>my address. I see the user address(es). I hit 'Update address' button to edit an existing address.... and I get the form, but all the inputs are empty, without the values that should be there to be edited. The form's title is also wrong: is the same as with the 'create new address' form, but even without the name and surname fields filled, as I get correctly in that form. Then if I fill the blank form, I get correctly to edit the first address, the only annoying detail is that the user doesnt get the values of his address to edit, they all have to be filled again. So, it seems my code fails to pass this if test in Address.tpl: {if isset($id_address) && (isset($smarty.post.alias) || isset($address->alias))} {l s='Modify address'} {if isset($smarty.post.alias)} "{$smarty.post.alias}" {else} {if isset($address->alias)}"{$address->alias}"{/if} {/if} {else} {l s='To add a new address, please fill out the form below.'} {/if} So, the first if surely gets $id_address, because its in the url. What about ($smarty.post.alias) or $address->alias? I don't know Any help, hint or link to relevant info is highly appreciated... thnx.
  8. In my 1.5.2 fresh install, when a logged client goes to MyAccount->Mi Addresses->Update (just update current address, not add a new one) everything goes fine except that all the form fields are empty, when it should show the current values for that address. I dont know if this is a current bug or a result of some changes i've made. Can you please check it out if you also have a 1.5.2 fresh install? I could go back with all the changes to check myself, but it would be a big chore as I've made some extensive changes.. Tnx for your help
  9. Si le has quitado la condición 'required' no quiere decir que no te lo vaya a mostrar, sino sólo que no es obligatorio ni saca error si no lo rellena el cliente. Ahora lo que tienes que ir es al archivo autentication.tpl, en /themes/tutema/autentication.tpl, buscar los sitios donde dibuja esos campos y eliminarlos. Recuerda hacer copia de seguridad por rompes algo.
  10. Bueno, me ha contestado el usuario bside en el foro inglés, y esto soluciona el asunto: <div class="error_customerprivacy" style="color:red;"></div> <fieldset class="account_creation customerprivacy"> <h3>Customer data privacy</h3> <p class="required"> <input id="customer_privacy" type="checkbox" style="float:left;margin: 15px;" name="customer_privacy" value="1"> </p> <label for="customer_privacy">The personal data you provide is used to answer to your queries, process your orders or allow you to access specific information. You have a right to modify and delete all the personal information which we hold concerning yourself in the "my account" page.</label> </fieldset> hay que ponerlo en el authentication.tpl del tema, antes de la primera aparición de la linea: <p class="cart_navigation required submit"> IMPORTANTE: esto aparentemente funciona, pero yo sigo teniendo problemas con el express checkout, así que he decidido renunciar a esta modalidad, por lo menos de momento, por lo que no he verificado exhaustivamente que vaya bien en todos los escenarios posibles.
  11. Hello bside. Thanx for your help, although i didnt find a relevant insertion point at line 285 in my authentication.tpl file, nor in the default theme autenthication.tpl I think the relevant insertion point is before the first occurrence of <p class="cart_navigation required submit"> wich is the section of code that affects instant checkout. It works fine, but i still find problems with instant checkout, but i consider this issue solved, thanks a lot
  12. I guess someone underestimated the potential of failure of a software that has to cope with such an enormous amount of modding by users. The spread of installation scenarios is nearly infinite. Imho they should have waited for more testing before rushing out what is a very problematic version.
  13. Please, anyone got any info on this? Or, at least, how to deactivate the 'Data privacy clause' requirement. Currently I've got a catch-22: -somewhere -cant figure out where, nor disable it- Prestashop requires 'data privacy' check for registration in Spain's stores. -autentication provides a way to do this with the data privacy module, but does not for express checkout. So, I cant disable the required check, nor implement it in express checkout. Help, please
  14. Buena pregunta.... yo también sufro buscando tpls
  15. Qué raro que a nadie le pase. Esto significa que: -nadie ha habilitado en España el express checkout. -lo han instalado sin probarlo->ningún cliente de España podrá usarlo... Esto es un bump disimulado
  16. yo uso komodo edit. Es multilenguaje, y, entre muchas lindezas, lo mejor es que puedes abrir un archivo remoto configurando una dirección ftp. Editas, y cada vez que haces ctrl-s lo guardas en remoto automáticamente. ps, y la versión Edit, que yo uso y es superpotente, es gratix total
  17. So, to enable customer data privacy check in the standard ordering process you've got to install the 'data privacy module'. But this only works for standard autentication-order process. If the customer chooses guest checkout, the checkbox doesnt appear so Prestashop refuses to accept the customer: it asks the user to check a box that doesnt appear. I searched extensively and only found some threads of people who just give up... is there any solution to this?
  18. Muchas gracias por esto, e-kipper. Aunque para agradar a los norteños no es mala idea mover en la lista a su sitio a Asturias, que figura en orden alfabético donde estaba Oviedo, y Cantabria, que ocupa su viejo sitio de Santander... aunque yo me olvidé de recolocar a Bizkaia...
  19. please ignore this question... i found it: the list in presta seems to be empty, but hitting the update button in the filter did the trick. phew
  20. So, I did it (i just wanted to have my local provinces in one of the shops) Now every state is gone although I added later my provinces via sql. The ps_state table is populated, even with the previously deleted states, but Ps 1.5 won't show them Help, please, is there anyway to fix this?
  21. Hello, I managed to add new l s strings to one particular module template, so the string field appears in the corresponding translation file and in back office for completion. But it now seems I cannot do the same again with other modules/templates. I cannot see a reason, so maybe there is a trick/limitation/workaround. Maybe something like "have you checked x?" or "did you do it that way?"... I'm stuck, I'd appreciate any help
  22. Every software user knows that last versions are risky. The word 'stable' doesnt mean 'error proof', specially when the new version is a major overhaul of prior releases. I am installing a 1.5 shop now, and I know I will get through difficulties, but I'm prepared to accept them. Latest version usually means successive bugfix versions and patches, pal.
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