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  1. Also looking at this, in most platform this is an option, indeed a very important one, as the transaction fees may very.
  2. Hi Tried that. Doesn't matter what status its being changed to (not even canceled) still doesn't work?
  3. Hi Why isn't possible to change an order that has been shipped? For example sending out 4 products to customer, customer sends back 1 of them and then the order can't be changed? Don't want to use the RMA system, as it's not working Regards
  4. Hi The strangest thing has just happened in our shop, the site has start displaying one of our most popular keywords in the search field on the site. Turns out, Prestashop has cached the search word, and is displaying it. When clearing the smarty cache the word is gone, and the normal "Please search here" Regards Oscar
  5. Hi, We have problem. When order is cancel Prestashop is sending out an email with "your order has changed status", despite the "Send an email to the customer when his/her order status has changed." is not ticked?
  6. Haha, standard Prestashop. Working on a responsive back-end (which no one really benefits from), but doesn't fix the everyday features that don't work.
  7. Hi, Thanks - its and emails are being sent straight to your office365 accounts (looks the same in gmail) Regards
  8. Hi Why is the html included in the msg customer are sending to us via the contact form? regards
  9. Why isnt there a proper fix to this? Does the Prestashop consult anyone that actually works with customer in their work?
  10. Hi Sorry dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook. Like the ones Adwords provides. For example a customer checks out a product, Adwords generates a retarget ad with that product and displays it for the customer. We use Adroll for our FB ads, but our trafic (unique vistors) are slighly less then needed for them to activate the "dynamic retargeting on FB functionality".
  11. Hi Has anyone seen a tool for dynamic Facebook ads? Regards
  12. Hi When customers sends email to us, they include html such as <br>, <p>, etc why is that? Emails are being sent to cusomters as txt. as per setting: "Send email in text format" regards Oscar
  13. Hi We have recently migrated our emails to Office 365 and their Exchange service. However, they don't allow the spoofing Prestashop is doing with the contact forms. How to solve this?
  14. Hi We are using the .txt versions of the confirmation emails. Is it possible to make any format changes in those at all? Bold text, format etc? Clickable words for url? Regards
  15. Hi Anything on this, we can't use office 365s SMTP with Prestashop?
  16. Hi I would like to make some internal linking- for example in main menu there is a category called "Clothes", with a sub category called "Running clothes". There is also a main category called "Work out" with a sub category called "Running clothes" I want the sub category under "Clothes" to be the same as the sub category under running - clothes. Is that doable? Regards
  17. @Nemo1, Yes - it is. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/244212-how-to-handle-guest-accounts-when-wanting-to-stop-using-guest-checkout/ As you can see, it doesnt make sense. regards Oscar
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