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  1. Hi, I see there's a function for page numbers in in PDFGenerator.php: $this->writeHTML($this->pagination); ? But I see no page numbers on our invoices.....?
  2. Hi, regarding this topic: There was a frontend feature in 1.6 to let the customer chose how many products per page they wanted to show.... this is no longer available in 1.7 - Can this be somehow coded manually? I'd really be happy to have this feature back, and our customers too.....
  3. Hi, we just purchased the module and installed it with just our Paypal Email address (nothing else....? Aynthing we need to set up in our Paypal...?) and when we choose Pay by Paypal and click Buy now this happens: https://ankes-perlenstube.de/index.php?controller=404 And nothing is processed.... Presta with classic theme. Any quick help appreciated
  4. Hi all, I'm using Presta with your latest version and I have the problem that when viewing the cart page, I can update things there ONCE, but no more after that, i.e. when I increase amount with up arrow in cart it does that dynamically once, but not another time. Same for deleting products.... any idea how to handle this? Thanks!
  5. Hi, wonderful module!! Is there any way to use it more than once? Or is there a Pro version that can do this? If so, where to get this?
  6. Hi, we're using default-boostrap theme on Presta - responsive layout on tablets is showing fine, but on smartphones the order/position of the boxes/blocks should be rearranged, i.e. at the moment it's showing the stores block first and last the featured products, I'd like the featured products block to show right after menu - where can this be changed/edited? I tried under positions -> header but this didn't have any effects. Also, I'm having the problem that the top horizontal menu is not showing on smartphones (it IS enabled to show on smartphones) - any ideas regarding this? I tried disabling/enabling the module but no effect... Thanks!
  7. No it hasn't!!! This is a basic setting and should not be overlooked!! Very important to get a fix for it, we have a running and still can't set different shipping if above a certain price!! It only works if you set general shipping fee to a certain price but then it disables all country settings done in carriers... doh!! Please someone fix this ASAP???!!! ...oh and NONE of the above suggestions work for us EDIT: The only thing that solved it for me was: In each carrier, select in step 2 "Out of range" behaviour to "disable this carrier" - then Presta seems to calculate correctly.
  8. Hi - can someone help me with removing the module of the tab hook? I'd like it displayed like "Products from same cat" - how can this be done? Thanks for the great module btw!
  9. *thumbs up* that worked perfectly!! Thanks a lot Pascal!!!
  10. Hi guys, we use a very VERY modified 1.3 and we would like to be able to enter comma-quantity discounts in admin unter percent discount - which presta handles really well in backend but what we need is a rounded view for the frontend product page. So, if we enter a % discount of lets say 10.11123% in backend we display it in frontend product page like this: "You save 10.11123%" - and we use the {$product->reduction_percent} variable for this in product.tpl - what we want is only display "You save 10%" without the commas in frontend - is that possible? Can anyone help? =) Thanks!
  11. Hi, just thought to share this, since we have not been able to receive guest checkout orders with module ClickAndBuy: Problem: When customer checks out with guest checkout, after choosing ClickAndBuy from payments, he gets redirected to the login page (authentication). Solution: We compared the module with Paypal. Search for this string in folder modules/clickandbuy: if (!$cookie->isLogged()) Tools::redirect('authentication.php?back=order.php'); ...and comment it out: /*if (!$cookie->isLogged()) Tools::redirect('authentication.php?back=order.php');*/ Should be 4 files, upload them and also guest checkouts get correctly directed to the ClickAndBuy login site to enter their details.
  12. Hi guys, suddenly our prestashop won't show installed modules in the front end - everything is fine in back end, they show under positions and I can drag'n'drop them, but nothing on the front end - even activated force decompile won't help. We already have installed 3rd party modules before and everything worked fine, but not for the last 2 days. What could that be? Anyone experiencing/experienced a similar issue? Help!!
  13. Could I get it earlier from you? I'm no registered customer at presta-addons.com but can send invoice from addons.prestashop.com to proove we bought it We'd like to get a catalog ready for a customer by end of next week. That would be great! Thanks!
  14. Hi tuk66, where can I download the newest Version? I purchased my licence on http://addons.prestashop.com/de/ on Dec 7th 2011 but they have still the 1.3.2 version there.
  15. Thanks to Slieptsov for the solution! This worked for me too in 1.4: {assign var="prd" value=Product::getIndexedCategories($smarty.get.id_product)} <body {if $page_name}id="{$page_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"{/if} class=" {foreach from=Category::getChildren(13, $cookie->id_lang) item=category} {if $smarty.get.id_category == 13 || $smarty.get.id_category == $category.id_category || $prd.0.id_category == $category.id_category}cat13{/if} {/foreach}"> and for the logo: {assign var="prd" value=Product::getIndexedCategories($smarty.get.id_product)} <a id="header_logo" href="{$link->getPageLink('index.php')}" title="{$shop_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"> <img class="logo" src=" {foreach from=Category::getChildren(13, $cookie->id_lang) item=category} {if $smarty.get.id_category == 13 || $smarty.get.id_category == $category.id_category || $prd.0.id_category == $category.id_category}{$img_ps_dir}logo13.jpg{else}{$img_ps_dir}logo.jpg{/if} {/foreach}"</a>
  16. Thanks a lot!!! Watching this thread - when do you think will the new version with this be out? M4PDF is worth every Euro!!! *thumbs up*
  17. Hi, and thanks for this great module! We purchased it and would like to use it to export our product catalog for print, so this is excellent. I'm all new to M4PDF, but would like to know if it's possible to include product reference in the m4_catalog.tpl? We also would like to show one of our product features there, is that possible too? Any help appreciated =)
  18. Hi, I'm trying to use this for changing css layout for some of my categories: Problems: Can Subcategories and product pages be included? (i.e. Cat A and all of its subcats and product pages = blue, Cat B and all of its subcats and product pages = red) How can I have different header logos for each theme? Thanks for any help, tried the other solution Rocky provided but this does not work for me.
  19. Hi, we're using a highly customized 1.3.1, can't update to any newer version atm. http://www.lampenonline.de/13[spam-filter]artemide-tolomeo-micro.html We have product attributes shown as list, but the Ajax Cart animation only works for the first attribute, if I choose the 2ng, 3rd etc, no animation :\ - what could that be? Can anyone help for a quick fix? Thanks!
  20. Hi all, first of all we're willing to pay for such a programming. We're using a highly customized 1.3.1 and upgrading is out of the question atm. What we need is a sorting module for BO, I was thinking of a feature in each product that lets you determine its position inside a category, i.e. when you enter "1" it sets this product to position 1 of a category but keeps the pre-arranged position of all other products. This is very very crucial for us and thus we'd be very happy to get a positive response. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello, we're using a *highly* customized 1.3.1 (actually we programmed a lot of features which are in the current version or not even implemented yet...) prestashop which is running good - with one exception: We are in urgent need of a tool that lets us drag'n'drop more than 300 products in categories/subcategories in the backend/admin. We "hardcoded" a list 2000 feature in our AdminTabs.php, which does list all products but then drag'n'drop refuses to work. We can't do an upgrade to 1.5 at the moment, so we need help here. Is there any module out there? We are also willing to pay someone who can program something for us! It just has to work with 1500+ products per category. What we actually need is to be able to drag products which are at the very end of one category to the very front of this category. Thanks in advance!
  22. (my shop Version 1.3.1 is in German) - so thats whats said under "Shipping information" under Orders tab -> Order id ("Abholung in Filiale" means "Pickup in store" FYI): Gesamtgewicht: 1.000 kg Versandart: Abholung in Filiale Warning: call_user_func(Array) [function.call-user-func]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /is/htdocs/wp10906242_YEE4YCA20S/www/admin541/tabs/AdminOrders.php on line 535 That should be displayed there... shouldnt it? Thanks for your help, reeally appreaciate that!
  23. hmm I'm having an error there: Warning: call_user_func(Array) [function.call-user-func]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback in /is/htdocs/wp10906242_YEE4YCA20S/www/admin541/tabs/AdminOrders.php on line 535 can you help me with this....? =)
  24. me again... atm there is no chance to identify which location a customer picked.... neither for us nor for the customer... or am I missing something? =)
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