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  1. I have upgraded PS from to but after that the URL rewrite for products is not working anymore. For every other URL it is working as it should. My URL route to products is ''{category:/}{rewrite}{-:ean13}-{id}{-:id_product_attribute}.html'' But when I click on a product I am redirected to "/index.php?controller=404" I can confirm mod_rewrite is available because it works on and the other URLS are working. After some testing by removing "{-:ean13}'' it works again. But this is not what I want because these URLs are not indexed by Google. So: ''{category:/}{rewrite}-{id}{-:id_product_attribute}.html'' does work. Can't find out what is wrong. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I don't make a webshop in your branche, so it works for me. As said the shipping rates are still be as they are for the delivery address. Just showing the standard shipping costs fitted to GB/FR/DE/ES as in the country.
  3. It is simple I think. Using a .com/.eu domain... .com/gb --> British customers .com/es --> Spanish customers .com/de --> German customers .com/fr --> French customers If a English speaking custers orders at /gb and delivers in NL it will pay less because of the regions. When A customers decides to order at the /gb version (because he/she speaks english) and shops to Poland the shipping cost will be higher and that is more understandable. Shipping is not the same for those countries. So the standard shipping costs showed are to low or to high.
  4. I don't want to use the multistore function. But what you say is not the point...maybe I just don't want to show the shipping costs in the drop-down cart or show the shipping costs until you have filled in your details. If that is the (only) solution it is fine for me.
  5. Yes that is just the thing I would like to change;-D I would like to let ''standard'' shipping rates to be changed by changing the language;-D
  6. Hi Frans, Thanks for your message. Yes this is how I have set it up right now. But the shipping costs for those countries are higher than for example the Netherlands. So the customer who comes on the english or a spanish site sees those lower wrong shippingcosts.
  7. I am building a store in, I have build many but a multilingual one is new to me. Now I would like to know how to solve this problem I have. The store is based in the Netherlands (so the URL is store.com/nl) the standard shipping costs for this zone are €5.99. I also have an English version (store.com/gb) I set the shipping costs for the zone where the UK is in to €8.99 . But in the cart before I am logged in or filled in my details It says the shippingcosts are €5.99. Because later in the process the shippingcosts are higher this will be bad for the conversion rate. How can I change this?
  8. Hello All, I would like to delete the category image. But I still want to use it in de sub categorie links. I have commented the image out but then my products are at the bottom of the page. How to solve this problem? The problem would be also solved when I can use the miniature as in the screenshot below. I think it should use this image but it dont Commented out result:
  9. Hello, I have made this theme via Presta Theme maker. I couldn't find this option there, but maybe it is possible to change in the CSS? I would like to make the white area from the header some smaller. Please see the attachment. Hope to hear from somebody soon.
  10. Hello All, I am building a new shop with free a free theme. I have uploaded the logo in the header in different size but it resizes automatically. I have found how to make the logo larger in the css file but then my shopping cart moves. And it don't look nice anymore. In the attachment you wll find some samples. Thanks in advance!
  11. I think I was not totally clear. In the beginning I forwarded every domain name to the main domain. Off course it is not possible to index them. So you said I have to make multistores for every domain name. I just did for one domain name and it is working as supposed.It can be indexed. But now the problem is: the stock is not shown or editable on that store. So every product is out of stock and not enabled to order. Hope my story is clear enough to help. Thanks in advance!
  12. Url is working now... but the stock is not working. Main url gives the right stock. extra url gives no stock. How to solve this?
  13. Okay. If I am right I just have te make a multistore for every domain name I got. I own the domain names now but just fowarded them to the main domain name.
  14. Hello All, I don't know how I can explain this but I try as good as possible, I would like to let google index my website on different domain names. As example: www.main-url.nl -----> indexed by google www.good-searchword-for-catagory.nl -----> indexed one or more catagories. www.different-country-same-language.be ------> indexed whole webpshop by google I would like this because the different country extension looks better in that country, And the search words is good for the seo (I think) I know how to make a multistore but I don't want it to be a seperate store but just indexing. Is this possible without making different stores? Thanx in advance!
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