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  1. This seems to be a long running problem with prestashop. And it is one that is posted many times and never answered. This is displayed on the email sent to a customer instead of the actual voucher code and details. We are pleased to offer you a voucher worth {discount_display} (voucher # {discount_name}) This renders the whole referral program completely useless.
  2. I have the same problem. This makes it nearly impossible to save products, and hence thewhole site is useless.
  3. Hi I also have the same problem as the previous poster. The solution works, but I can only add one product to the cart. If I add a personalized product and then try to add another normal product to the cart, it will not let me.
  4. I have created dozens of sites with Prestashop over the years, and currently have two sites online with 1.6. Both of them upgrades from previous versions. Sure, I had a few problems upgrading them, but these were mostly due to incompatible 1.5 modules. I consider myself an expert with Prestashop, and this is because when I have not found solutions on here, I have tried to figure things out for myself. I have posted many unanswered topics on here, but instead of complaining, I have tried to figure out a solution myself, and have become more proficient with the software as a result. This is a Free eCommerce solution so expecting immediate assistance and expecting everyone to prioritize your messages as urgent, is a bit inconsiderate. If someone has a solution, they post it, but there is not always someone online with the solution that you may be looking for. On the rare occasion when I have encountered a particularly difficult problem, someone from Prestashop has accessed the site I was working on and personally dealt with my problem, so really, I cannot think of a thing to complain about. Prestashop is not Microsoft with thousands of employees waiting for your queries............and actually it is a great deal less buggy than Microsoft's offerings. People were encouraged to test the pre-release versions and report bugs. Every bug that I reported was fixed quickly, so I consider Prestashop to be an exceptional product and 1.6 to be a world class eCommerce solution. Any new release is bound to have teething problems, but just look on Github to see how much work is being done to ensure that this is a a fantastic product. Good luck finding a better solution, and in case I don't notice when you come back, as a fellow user of this FREE software, I wish you a hearty welcome on your return.
  5. I have upgraded to sites so far and have encountered minor issues, which I have been able to rectify with a little amount of work. I must say that most of these issues have been dues to incompatible legacy modules, and not due to Prestashop 1.6. Here is one that is now live and running: www.tinabucknall.co.uk/ Of course, I am not departing too far from the original theme while making my first efforts at updating. Once I have the hang of the new system, then I will be a bit more adventurous. Simply uninstalling modules that are incompatible with 1.6 PRIOR to updating, does make the whole process a lot easier.
  6. On the home page, there are three tabs....'New Arrivals', 'Popular' and 'Best sellers' I am able to limit the number of products in the other two blocks but not in the 'best sellers' block. Is there are way to limit the number of bestsellers displayed to for example four products.
  7. Add thumbnails to the top level categories and these thumbnails will appear on the menu.
  8. If you use Firefox with developer tools installed, you can right click each element and click Inspect element, then you can see the exact line of of and which file to edit it in. Then just edit the right style sheet and change padding-top. For example, the cart is in YOURTHEME/css/blockcart/blockcart.css around line 4 Just make sure that you go to advanced parameters /performance in admin and switch off smart cache for css first otherwise you will be searching the cached versions of the style sheets and not the originals.
  9. Preferences/products .....Have you enabled catalog mode? Click this to no.
  10. With any new release, there are bound to be some minor bugs, and this one really is minor. Most bugs were sorted out during the previous releases, but you have to be fair to Prestashop HQ, and know that they can only spot a bug if it is reported on bug tracker. During Beta testing, I reported a whole bunch of them and they were all fixed really quickly. See if this one has been reported, and if not, report it yourself and you will be amazed at how quickly it is fixed.
  11. It seems that there is a bug saving the social links to the database. As a temporary solution, you can use a text editor / dreamweaver and in themes/your-theme/blocksocial/blocksocial.tpl, comment out the existing code and manually enter the social links. This is will at least allow the links to work on your site. e.g. Comment out this <a target="_blank" href="{$twitter_url|escape:html:'UTF-8'}"> and replace with this <a target="_blank" href="MY-TWITTER-ACCOUNT"> MY-TWITTER-ACCOUNT being the URL for your twitter account.
  12. It can definitely be used as a production site. There are a few minor things to take care of, but solutions can easily be found by searching here and on Google. My first production site has been live for a week now and I do not have any problems.
  13. I had the same problem and posted about it here a while back. It seems the information is not being saved in the database. The same occurs for the Facebook page link As a temporary solution, I edited blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl in the template modules folder, commenting out the <ul>....</ul> and entered the address and telephone number there using <p>....</p> tags. This is not a fix but at least it shows the information until this bug has been fixed.....and has the added bonus of allowing you to add additional information here too.
  14. I discovered the cause of this. I upgraded and then removed legacy modules and they must have left something behind that was causing this. I reinstalled, deleting 1.5 custom modules before starting the upgrade, and now the site works without any errors.
  15. There is a module called prestashop cleaner installed with 1.6 which can remove the demo data. The 'turn demo data' off button on the dashboard is just for the demo statistics on the admin dashboard and it does what it should do and as it clearly says under the button. As for BS, most people new to Prestashop need to see some demo products so that they can see what the store looks like.
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