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  1. Hi! You can add numbers for the order sequence eg: 1. Gift Ware 2. Home Wares etc....
  2. Hi! there If you go to modules in the BO, then scroll down to tools, you will see Home text editor. Just click configure to edit your info!
  3. hi! there check your permissions.....500 is mostly always permissions error for your files.
  4. Hi! there try this mod here...works great in 1.1...I think it will help what you are wanting to do http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/19172/modules/module_new_super_user_
  5. Hi! there For the feed url try this -http://yoursite.com/modules/feeder/rss.php?id_category They should show
  6. for the issue with IE, you have to make sure that all the images are under SSL eg: I had placed extra images in my footer manually and was getting the same issue. So by changing the image url to https the pop up stopped.
  7. Hi! there In your BO go to preferences - image and set your image sizes there. You will then have to regenerate the thumbs for your new sizes to take affect.
  8. Oh! right I understand. Still not finished, at the moment sorry!
  9. Thanks! so very much...excellent slide
  10. Hi! Not sure really...I'm currently using the pro version, with the trial period. I normally use beyond compare. Sample themes? what do you mean? I'm not focusing on the new version at the mo, until it's stable. Just for testing purposes. But you can successfully adapt your old template with the new version, I did it with the alpha.
  11. Hi! The best way do do it is compare the old theme files with the new version, with something like windiff or examdiff. There are many changes in the files......that's why the older version isn't working.
  12. it is weird....but no I haven't sorry. The only other thing I have read is turning off the dynamic option in categories block module. Other than that I'm really stumped, because what work for me doesn't for you?? are you using 1.1? The only thing I suggest is using the default and then transfering the main graphic customizations to the default css ie headers and such. Bit more work, but at least is fixed and stable.
  13. because the bastronic header has got some sort of java code in there?? also I just noted that this is missing from the css file...so you need to add this block *****/* IdTabs Short*/ ul.idTabsShort li a { background-image: url('../img/tab_bg_short.jpg'); width:138px; } ul.idTabsShort li a.selected{ background-image: url('../img/tab_bg_selected_short.jpg'); color:white; }
  14. Hi! just downloaded the theme and it did the same for me as is doing for you....and I tracked it to the header...if you replace with the default header the tabs work
  15. I just tried the same global of your theme on mine and is lined up, so there must be a conflict with one of your mods...for instance try to disable the wiznav and see if it works?? sorry i can't be much more help...but there seems to be a conflict somewhere??
  16. add this line.......think this is missing ***** .block_hidden_only_for_screen {display: block; margin-top: 1em;} *****
  17. Have you got this line in your global ***** .hidden, .collapsed, .block_hidden_only_for_screen { display:none; } ****
  18. hi! there is hard to say without seeing ...but it maybe because the tabs are too wide, so they are dropping below. If you use firefox, is good to have firebug then you can see the elements. But in your global you are looking for ul.idTabs
  19. waa! that didn't work...sorry! it converted the text
  20. Hi! there If you mean on the page with all the products listed.....you go to product- list.tpl in your themes folder and look for this line about line 7 (if default theme) and change to this <!---->
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